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 NARU NARU work in progress

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PostSubject: NARU NARU work in progress    Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:46 pm

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THE Stature
6foot 7 inches
Race: Vizard
Age:.. 650+
Blade:Devils moon .
Power level: SEALED
Full name:.. Naru naru
Amnesia illness:

THE Orientation and age /gender info
Gender: Male
Race: Vizard
1-2 (because hes at 10% power)
Orientation: Straight desu
Status: Looking

Miso ramen, Fighting, Twinkies, blowing shit up. , people who do not bug him,. gettign stronger.
Arrows, vibrations, . Clowns, Weak people. scaredy cats. Bad movies.


Naru Naru, is kind to most, which is part of his out going nature. This is from the close bond he shares with his hollow and his , zampukto So naru naru. will be extremely freindly, to others untill they are proven unworthy of that, kindness. If you cross him he will forgive you twice, but after that dont continue or he will, take offense at you

His sense of right versus wrong

naru naru has a strong sense of right and rong probably which was taught to him, by his zampukto, and his hollow. He knows when something is crossing the line, or when something seems to be unfair and unjust; he has a keen sense of what it means to live by the code. He lives how he wants to be treated, and in this way he does what is right; no matter the consequence if he finds something he does not like. He will stand up for it and will fight for it till the end, also he will not do any wrong even if it is to make a right. Generally meaning if you are going to be a ass and live life the wrong way, Go somewhere else naru naru will just spit on you and walk off.

Akward And shy Around strangers

Naru naru can come off as a shy and akward individual when around a group of people he does not know, as for many years he was with people he knew mainly in this case his hollow and Diablo. When he came out of his trance, it was almost like he had nothing else to give. In this manner he has had nothing but rotten luck. in many cases though this generally just means something like getting tongue tied, and being slow to answer a question or just avoiding the matter all together.

The avid anti smoker

Naru Naru hates smoking since, the smell is repungant and simply just , bothers him to the max .So if you smoke around him, chances are Naru naru will get up and try to be nice by walking else where . But in some cases naru naru will just walk over,and instead do the act of picking the cigarrette from your hand then toss it to the floor, and put it out . .

THE KLEPTO! ooooh shineey

Being slightly klepto matic, he loves shiney things though. He will not steal from other people occasionally ,something will go missing from a shop, with the money for it left with no explanation how it got there on the counter. Since Naru Naru will pay for anythign he takes to be fair to the people who that would affect since he does not want to hurt anyones feelings. Also its hard to tell why but, he really does not know why the hell shiny things hold such attraction for him.
[size =12] Nerd , His personality is also nerdy. since in the spare time he had when he was not training nor , fighting with his zampukto and hollow he would read as much as he can .Being as he is a avid reader, loving to see new things from books, and let them take Naru Naru to distant lands. Also he knows quite abit about electronics and so fourth[/size]


Adhd Naru naru ,has a hyper active disorder which causes him to be self aware picking up every little crystal clear detail of anothers movements. This allowing him to in a fight, clearly see whats around him quickly and effectivly. Though he does not act hyper active, in truth he is . This shows sometimes because he will figit every now and then when he is sitting down .

Bi Polar , Naru Naru is aswell bi Polar from issues which plague him from the war long ago, though Infact Naru Naru has gotten better and better , at keeping it in ,and now, usually he will not be found upset .Or sad in any manner, if he is and you dont know him, dont come up and be rude since when hes sad hes highly irritable. Because of his mood swings, some times he may be happy, Then suddenly sad or mad, for no real reason just bare with him in these times and it will surely work its way out.

Depression. Is another thing naru naru has .Because of the war long ago, which caused him for awhile to be in a state of depression. Naru Naru though then found his Hollow and Zampukto, though sometimes he is still depressed. But over all this is not usually something that comes up , day to day. Being as it rarely comes up even once a year at the least. So this is not something that really matters.

Amnesia: Due to a lingering sense of amnesia, his latin powers have been sealed and forgotten. Its hard to say what happened but, all that is known to him is something in his past made him forget what he was about.. And how he lived when he was alive.

Junky; he is commonly known as a adrenaline junky and behaves as such, not to be rude or anything else but for that moment of elation when the adrenaline is pumping through his veins. This is the kind of thing he lives for, and more often then not this is the kind of thing which can generally get him in trouble; as it leads him to take more bold and risky actions then is practical, as he literally does stuff to seek out this kind of high. An example of this being when he was eight he pissed off the yakuza just so he could have some fun. Sadly though the members involved with attacking him never lived to give a account of the incident. So needless to say there is a great deal of speculation as to what happened.

Connisure of hacking; also he loves to get his hands on something which has been hidden from prying eyes, as such he is well learned in the field of cyber ware-fare and is a expert and arguably a master. At encryption and decrypting files and hacking into software and even something like a cars control if it's computerized he can break it open. This is not fully due to his intellect, since he has spent a good deal of his modern occupation in this field; nor was it necessarily legal when he was doing it.

Genius; he is many things but genius is something he adamantly argues he's not. So if you want to find out don't ask him outright , he will deny being one and claim that he's merely a well studied man of average intelligence. In fact he truthfully is a friggen genius, as he has a iq which is very high above average; being Its well off of what can be measured in a chart. It is this very reason why he is so good at doing what he does.

Well-versed in combat; another thing he is , though he does not look it interestingly enough is a well trained expert if not master in the wide spectrum which is considered combat. He has persistently and vigorously trained in Judo, Muai Thai, jujitsu, taekwando , boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, karate, mixed martial arts, ninjutsu , street fighting, asura, air fist, kinetic energy utilization , stealth, art of unseen movement, and a lot more. This is thanks to the general fact he, generally sucks up knowledge like a sponge there for he knows a lot.

Photographic/idetic memory; for the most part he also has what is known as a photographic memory ,which not only gives him a perfect memory ; but also it means when he sees something or reads something once it remains images in crystal clear detail in the brain in this case his brain. Which has shown to be a crucial advantage in what he does.

Herbalist/ sage; it is to be known in his long enhanced human life , that he has gained considerable knowledge in herbalism after intense study in jungles and even visiting tribal shaman ranging from napal to the distant lands of the suigura lands in the distant realms. This applies but is not limited to a extensive knowledge of plants, the properties of them and more importantly ; how they work. He knows how to brew a remedy or even how to make a poison which would make black widow venom look like nothing, even how to brew toxins; it goes a long way in testimate to his knowledge in this field.

The mastery of the forge; over many years he has aquired a almost bottomless knowledge of how to work and purify metal. Due to his memory he went around to the great smiths of the ages and also was trained under the forger of muramasa, learning a great deal of knowledge he could be though of as being better or having surpassed his master after a long Long span of time and knowledge. He has learned from demonic metal workers and even from quincies. Though this is only possible due to his photographic memory.

Wisdom of arcane arts; from his travels in hell he learned a great deal about the inner workings of demonic power. He learned much about many comings and goings about spells and seals. Knowledge is what he craves and he devoured thousands apon thousands of books on the arcane arts. Learning a great deal about demons and the dark past which is about them though the knowledge of this has always stayed with him to this day.

Extensive knowledge of the respitory system and spiritual energy flow points; he has read countless if not hundreds of books on the body all kinds demon zaimichi iramasha humans hollows quincies even arrancar. This is due to the fact he loves reading and he in many instances over has found this extremely useful .

Exstensive knowledge of elements; he has a extremely wide and rich knowledge on the elements and how they work, from books and just from general experience in the matter is how he knows as much as he does.

Multiple personality disorder;he has over the years gained numerous personalities due to all the info he has ammassed which has caused for problems but not to mention this is caused by the general bi-product of eating souls, it's gross and hard to say why but this beast was why so few souls got out when the incident of the black plague arose. He devoured 90% of the souls which died in that epademic though he has every soul within him all their memories and knowledge over time becoming his own. Each personality is from many different beings that amassed themselves as a personality which ripples within the body itself. Over the years it gained potency as the emotions emerged becoming four different personalities. The only difference is that they have 4souls one for each personality. And due to his photographic memory he remembers it all their pain is his pain which is why he stopped devouring souls.

Against fighting; he hates fighting most of the time though he still likes it others, as many times he has found that fighting is senseless and for the most part try's to avoid fighting if he can.

Explosives expert; it's not known why but explosives have always had a certain allure or charm to it which drew him to the arts which heavily are involved in explosions and so forth. Which is why he loves using his knowledge as power, he stuudied explosives for a long time and gained much knowledge because of it . He is now highly knowledgable in this precise field which can prove to be extremely useful when he's in a sticky situation. And in general it's useful to have when he needs to use it .

Knowledge of sealing/creation; amassed from all the knowledge he has gained over the years And from all the things he's seen ; it's given him the knowledge to use and create certain things but because of this and reading hundreds of books about seals it's given him a huge knowledge in the field of creation and even in the field of knowledge. Allowing him to apply his knowledge more efficiently and have it for use when it's needed.

Protectiveness; another thing with him is he is extremely protective of those around him if he views them as a friend. In this case he will fight if it means he can protect that bond he has with that person, meaning that he often is like that big brother figure which is so often viewed as being over bearing which he is sometimes if he has a good reason to be that is. And not to mention it means he will not tollerate someone bullying those he bonds with.

Extensive knowledge of matter; this is from , his constant study of the states of matter which over time has allowed for his knowledge of matter to grow exponentionaly and this knowledge which us known to him is of the states of matter and how it works the light spectrum blackbody ratio and the structure of it. It also includes the periodic table of elements : interstellar bodies such as the sun and so forth and itserves him. Well in the basis of many many instances.

Knowledge of composite substances; also the knowledge of composite energy and so forth is known to him due to the extreme amount of his life he's spent traveling and learning.

Zoology/cryptoZoology knowledge; he has a catalogged memory of all animal and things that may not exist such as dragons and so forth which comes from what is known as extensively from devouring book after book and this knowledge is useful in many cases when identifying certain animals and so forth.

Depression; he in extreme cases has been known to have depression. This comes from his long life and not to mention all the souls and the agony which he has endured for who knows how long. It's hard to say when this started but what is known is that he has severe depression, which has been one of the driving problems in his life. For the most part it's easy to cope with but sometimes it becomes more of a problem then a asset it's times like these that he has sat down and for years at a time began to meditate on what he knew and aswell what he did not know, it really was hard to understand but at the same time it's normal to him.

Mental pain removal disorder ( m. P.r.d) ; it's not that his body does not feel pain but rather that his mind literally Is unable to register pain AS a feeling. Partially this can be considered due to the strain on his emotions after the black plague . Most of all the strain on his perception of pain, meaning that damage is there and visibly can be seen ,but due to the mental disorder in his head he will not really feel the pain persay. Over the duration of his life this has proven to be both a asset and a hinderance as he might not know he's wounded until he actually views the wound with his own two eyes.

Mental limiting removed disorder(M.L.R.D) ; this disorder is the reason he has what is known as super strength . It's not that he's hulk strong physically but that while the body naturally limits the strength and force which the limbs can actually do. This happens in your brain which is the problem, as with this disorder there is a lack of that natural limit, meaning he can use his body to the maximum of it's abilities.

Mental capacity disorder (M.C.D) ; due to the disorder in the brain he can acces all. Of his brain capacity, and not just a small portion of it, this comes in handy Due to his computing capabilities which can be shown in many situations.

Zanpakutō Name: Akuma tsuki (known as diablo in the inner world)

Akuma tsuki means devils moon.

Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: it has red skin which looks kinda like it is imperial in nature. , aswell as having a long and airy apearance, Always being seen with the hollow that also lives within him.As they coexist in perfect harmony, the wreath on his head being made from almost blood, aswell as the eyes being volcano red. Though it is seen carriing two swords, now ever since i got a hollow .One for my bankai, one for my ressurection. Now, its form is slim and nice looking, a black cloak flapping out from it, having bone like spikes coming out of the hand that now held my ressurection, The other being dusted with the blackened chains, which covered it showing , the blade of my bankai .
His jaw being angled sharp, being a strong jaw, and his neck being covered by a armored plating almost like a guard ..His left eye being covered in a eye patch mutch like kenpach. His teeth being pure white though having a jagged conture to them .
Aswell he has a affinity, for earth ,Though the blades are different in there unreleased forms. aswell because of the bond he shares with dragon fang and naru naru, he has a ability, called Earth spawn allowing for his earth afinity to be seen through his zampucto.

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: The twin blades Are elegant one being hard, though Earthy , presence is about , it allowing ground sometimes to shift around him , this being due to diablo's earth affinity, causing the blade to hum like, so since, naru naru, is bonded to them to the point there powers can be easily seen through his unreleased blades. the earthy one, being Called Akuma Tsuki after his zampukto or devils moon . which seemingly though is light, as a feather, emmense reitsu coming off its core. His harmony though within this bond also caused the origional blade to alter since there reitsu has basically bound together as one. So they all use the reitsu they have in a shared manner.

The second one is abit different though Because of his vizardization he got, a second blade called ryu kiba, Causes for a clear dragonic like flame to form around it, The flames tanglign up the arm that grasps that sword .Aswell the flame is occured from the reitsu skill of Ryu Kiba, which uses the constant friction in the reitsu particles in the air to basically create the flame . the reitsu from it being equally as emmense as Akuma tsuki, though not of earth affinity but of flame. This blade though having a white solid blade within the center of the flames equally hard as his other blade
In continuation, the blades themselves have a keen form of energy within the manifested elements. This simply put is able to cause the form or subjection of the powers to increase and change due to the manner of his abilities. but to add on the flames can be in tempest mode or Subjective defense mode. the modes are different depening on there power output. Due to the face it is used for different purposes over all. Depending on what is actually needed.

Incandescence: By Changing the rate of vibrations it can cause the blade to narrow and warp, simply put it will be able to vibrate fast enough to literally cause the blade to slip through molicules which make up a hierro or other armor. By doing this it then causes a increased state of energy within it. Once bypassing a hierro or armor, it will function to slow down the vibrations, this is why the blade can cause damage internally even when the strike was external. The blade once incandescence is in play, will seem to become see through, even though it retains the normal flaming demeanor which is found to be around it.

Also because of this particular trait, the blade itself can also subtly change or extend up to a certain length in distance in a instantaneous action. But because of the fact its tricky to mess with the amount of added mass or energy from a object which is passing through the change in state. It can only extend and contract up to 3 times a post. While the blade also can be used with something known as Cadescence but this is only used in shikai or above . Which is the opposite of this entirely. Also because of this though the blade can be many things but at the same time. Is only one particular thing. Also Incandescence has another simple purpose when it comes to reishi or spiritually powered attacks:

The blade can not only bypass hierro but simply put in the manner of how it works, the vibrations serve another purpose with the zampucto. The high vibration speed allows for the disruption and dispersion of executed attacks, Because of this, the blade can be able to slice through cero’s and so fourth. But this is because of how incandescence works. And now of how it can be executed. Though this can only be used when in sealed form due to how it generally works. Incandescence only activates when facing hierro or armored objects.

Bone crushing Spiritual pressure: Due to incadescence being released the Pure reistu signature on naru naru is just that, truely and positivly enormous. Being able to crush the ground inwards when fully released. It is something almost like being ash and smoke in a single area. Its truely enourmously potent as it it dangerous.


Shikai Appearance:

Not to mention in this form his body is made up entirely of lava. Being what happens is his insides and his body is momentarily changed in his shikai form, as he becomes one with the element he actually is. As to the point he can reform himself as long as there Is a ready supply of lava in the area. And as such he is stronger when there is lava around to be used and or controlled.

Shikai Appearance: A seemingly normal, form, other then, now, a slight sheene covers naru naru. His blade splitting into two, chains now, seemingly spiraling up his arms. The black like chains being made of a hardened substance, exactly, like the sheild of the soul society is made of. This seemingly cibrates, almost fuzed with his skin. His form now, seemingly luminous, the pale skin showing lightly. His hair aswell legnthening some to cover his eyes.
now, a black tattered cloak forms around him, as now That seemed to billow out lightly, in a whitened form. Though the air around this form, constantly, vibrates with repulsive particles, . The black cloak seemingly made of dragonic like scales, as they also harden on the skin, which seems to be more reptilian like, now, as it hardens to form, the pale skin like illusion that most see . His eyes now having a light mercury form to them. As gold dusts the inside of his iris . making it more illustrious and amazing then before . Aswell, he becomes more hollow like, though aswell in a sense, this is a more true form of himself .Being as he is a wonderfull form which has been a long time, slowly made. through a harmony between the two forms of his hollow and shimigami .

Flame demon rank 3 ; this is the power of his shikai it is unknown what it's full potential is , as this allows for the bonding and unity of him and the nature of his blade. Thought it changes to lava it realistically increases fire resistance and the effectiveness of being around it. Also it allows the creation and manifestation of the element in it's raw form. This is shown by a pair of wings and the flaming tail on his rear end. The only difference is that this ability is passive but it does more the chiefly increasing the elemental aspect of the shikai but also it is called a demon since there is a few sup skills which tie into this . Not to mention to activate the flames is as simple as giving him some kind of threat or even simple to go at naru naru in a harmful way might set this off.

•rank 3 animation; the flames around him and that touch his flames in a 399 meter radius gain sentience and fuse with his zampacto not his zampucto allowing for them to be controlled by the spirit within his zampucto and will react on their own. Meaning that he does not have to move with them or direct them for the flames to react. Kind of like garra's sand it does not need him to move it as his zampucto manipulates it so that naru naru has his hands and mind free.

•liquid fire rank 3 ; as the name suggests it allows him to by moving his hand in a circle. Or by q flame ball to rush from his eye and allows flames to behave like a liquid or Greek fire making it hard to be pt out by fire.

•geothermal venting rank3 ; this allows for the flame to be focused out of the back of the cloak making it basically propell him forward while using the flames that are being Used . Although also being able to vent like chad's arm making it so the speed he's moving can get up to 23.3mps (miles per second) if in short bursts or sustainably can get up to 990mph this is only due to how the technique works - takes 2 turns to build up to that speed .

•radiant demon wings: wings of flame, these glow a bright blue and white, and sound like most of the time hundreds of crackling bolts of thunder.

Fire Cell Skin: In shikai fire can be seen stretched acrost the membrane of naru naru’s skin, this flame though is insanely hot, and runs at around 2000 degree’s farenheight. Why it does so is because the white hot flames which are his shikai, Actually stretch and form a barrier around the skin. For the most part it does very little. When needed though it can do a decent amount of damage. Not to mention it can be used to explode outwards. Not in the way which would be normal, but in a way which would cause severe burns everywhere. As his shikai is literally made of magma and flame, which wraps around him after asending to this form. The flame not to mention, can expand and contract around him in the cloak it is in.

Cloak of Lava: In this form his cloak becomes lava, which dripps around him, increasing and decreasing with the energy being used. Its not as hot as the skin but, what happens is in the form it manifests and is like just how it sounds. A raw cloak of molten earth, which is boiling and moving around constantly. With this though its not as strong as it generally could be. Having the fact that the lava in the cloak becomes lava, although it cannot be controlled by any reishi or even outside energy force.

This cloak is like an akatsuki cloak, without the red and black markings; Since this one is a smoldering wall of fire and brim stone. Glowing pure white and having dark spots in it, from the temperature changes in the form itself. More then not most of the time, the lava is rageful and has nothing to do but lash out at the surrounding landscape. When he moves very fast the lava splatters behind him and is able to form miniature lava pools rapidly devouring ground. On contact as long as its not made of energy or reishi it can begin to erode and turn into more and more lava. As that’s the real affect of his shikai.

Another interesting thing is when the lava spreads it will begin to bubble down and can for each drop, form a 100foot puddle if left unchecked for several turns. Meaning the more drops and stuff that hits the ground, the more lava will be made from the whole incident. Which is kind of tricky and useful at the same time. This lava will behave like normal lava, is much more volatile; the problem here being this lava was created from the make up of a beings reistu, which causes the shikai to be as such.
Shikai Abilities:


Bankai Appearance: Naru naru pretty much looks like he does when he is in his shika. But in this form. Now, he gets, a fur like, cloak around his other, this one having a skull pendant to it. Signifying the bankais, form this allows it to flap in the wind, his head, now getting pitch black horns which form from the top of naru naru's head. his eyes now, look a silverish color. His, blade now, staying the same, but now fusing to his hands, making it so that, he cannot move them. The blades style being the same, but now the blade itself, has two chains dangling from the hilts. Aswell now ,a hot like layer encases his form, like a furnace, Though this being only seen either when he walks into ice, or from the heat waves that show around him .This being from the constant friction of his reitsu which can cause flames, to form when they are needed.
But aswell the air around this form is always seemingly to spiral some from the cold air constantly hitting the hot air , of his skin .Allowing for a wind to always be present around him.

Bankai Abilities:

Logai lava: His blade literally summons dragonic waves of lava around him which expands into a 4th of a mile radius, as this is a passive power of Naru naru's. its not exactly by its own power it does this but from the heat, it literally Causes the ground to melt, and become molten in that quarter mile radius and to expand and contract.

Lava Manipulation rank 6: His lava manipulation is greatly increased due to how he works. making it more then anything a extremely powerful form of energy but he can form it into many things depending on what is used. but for the most part he manipulates lava and other things to his advantage.

Volcanic Thrust:.. The heat which exudes from his body literally causes his steps to be extremely fast and thrust him forward. <--does so since it behaves like a rockets thrusters.

Normal skills are boosted

Inner Hollow & Mask

Name:Ryū kiba (Dragons fang )

Inner Hollow Description: My inner hollow, is made to look slightly, in my shape. The claws on its hands being huge .The back of it peircing the sky, weighing in at 200,000 pounds this monster is as tall as the empire state building, but all this reitsu is drained into my system, from the phantom sword technique. Tahe head of this hollow has rows of fangs, and no eyes. Huge dragon like wings, wrapping out of the area around him. Causing for a hellish wind to pass through the inner world being destroyed every time rebuilding itself. Chains of servitude cover the hollows wings, clanking in the wind its roaring causes .These reminding it of how it was caught by shimigami then bound to me. His wings seem to be made of flame, and ash, which constantly covers the area, . The shene of the hard skin having red markings running down it, almost like tribal marks. These being a big part of this hollows identity, More or less the horns aswell, are massive having barbed poisionous like ends to them making it dangerous to be speared by them . The Hollow, is a dragonic like hollow aswell no loving characters in his eyes.
Though aswell, a dense flame seemingly , Forms around him allowing for naru naru's flame attribute, Because of the make up of the flames, they can be made from the friction of reitsu in the air, making it easy to mass produce over a broad spectrum this can be seen as a fog around dragon fang.

Inner Hollow Personality: My inner hollows personality, is the exact same as the inner shimigami, Its seemingly rigid, and does'nt speak much haing a quiet and caring personality.. Though also being devilish in nature, it can get up to no good in extreme cases .Loving fighting, for the training it brings, they both urge for me to fight harder aswell as longer then most should .Aswell he has a strong sense of right and rong not wanting anything to happen .
Wanting to know more is also a thing he loves to do .Since exploring is a urge that is in his blood. More or less aswell, he feels restless, but loves company, and more then anything else. A way to know others better and make freinds. More or less being docile unless done great injustices too. Then he will go beserk, thrashing through the hill side, untill nothing is left but destruction and mayhem. Aswell he has a soft spot for sweets and the one who he lives within. Since over the many years . they have gotten to know each other. since the only way he could actually, live untill now, was to get to know naru naru. since if he did not, he would surely be dead by now.

Inner Hollow Powers: Inner hollow has no powers, but his hard skin, which is the only thing it has being a huge help to this form, Causing it to seemingly just have a impenitrable, hide, being the hide itself makes up for almost half the hollows weight, causing for its skin to be extremely rigid. From the massive reitsu it has, making it more denser because it needs a shell hard enough to keep his reitsu from leaking out all the time and destroying everythign around it. but aswell, The molten lava that comes around him, has something known as, Soul fire. Which is a ghostly like fire, that slips through physcal objects, slowly, burning them from the inside out.
He also from the bond he shares with Akuma Tsuki and naru naru, has a ability called, Emperors Flame Spawn, allowing the flames of his dragonic nature to be seen from naru naru's ressurection blade.
He also has a uncanny nack for bara's and cero's

Hollow Mask Appearance:
It looks like a strange, anbu mask, which allows, for some hardened scaly mass to form on the mask. Aswell as the white form, of the mask seemingly comes out, to hav

e black elongated stripes on the sides.
Aswell the mask goes back to go down his spine, spiked spines stickign from the bone. To add onto it, purple glowing eyes can be seen through the opening of the eyeholes on the mask. the rest covering the lower part of his neck. Giving off a white luminous radiance.

Vizard Powers

Vizard Powers:
Natural powers : Flame emperor.
Flame emperor is a huge base manipulation, since his form uses a dangerous flame type, release. Which is from the nature of his dragonic hollow, dragon fang. this fire is known as dragon fire. this having a serious power like, cloth that moves around him, From intense heat emitted by his reitsu that is not being used. This can be used like a sheild. Because of the lack of Kidō he has , Is put into his speed and this. Known as flame emperor, or Devils shroud, it allows for a decent protection since this can trail out around him in a cloak of sorts. and offense in different circumstances. Depending on what it is. it is enough to burn others or, cause Decent explosions around him, aswell, whipping out around him, if it needs to, from how much it is Or how much it will be, It depends on how much of the flame he lets out. aswell this flame can grow , depending on how much friction is between naru naru's reitsu, causing for , a blinding flash sometimes, this causes the flames to rush out in all directions.

Earth Emperor: This allows for the changing in the land scape around him depending on how much reitsu naru naru puts out. It can change depending on what he needs to happen .And a sudden reitsu burst will occur, when the land changes from the ethernal, Thread laced reitsu within the ground responds to his .Reitsu, them being on the same frequency, Allowing for the increase of land tilt and other things. But the draw back is this can use alot of his reitsu so he uses it sparingly.
Aswell this allows, for earth based techniques causing devistating affects.


Resurrección Appearance: They look like there bankai state ,But the eyes now, are covered up by a mask, his legs now, covered in a white, bone structure, a hole forming on his chest. Doubled over. Showing the lightness of his scaled skin .Aswell as two pairs of bat wings rip from his back .A dragonic like tail whipping side to side. This form having a luminous reishi like vibrations around it, the energy, now going through the roof, but his hair aswell turns a mid night black.. His hands fused still with zan pucto, but now strange like glass almost forms grip the shoes on this form .Creating a suction like mass .This making it so that ,a nice and soft surface alowwing for maximum speed is used.

While this is part of it the blades, are made from a hard type of mineral, which is constantly charged with reitsu causing for a kind of pressure on the blade, which Will throw others back off balance which can aloww for the maximum pressure.

Aswell a flaming cloak goes over him, being insainly, hot as besides this, a flaming fail, forms over him, as now, his body is covered in a unending flame .This flame coming deep within, this power, causing it to rise up, more and more ,as it welds out, this is caused by the flames that are constantly generated within him. At a demonic rate.

Resurrección Abilities:

Phantoms ghost:Now, his phantom technique is still in play, but it gets doubled by the , Phatoms ghost. Which now allows from the glass like substance on the feet to be boosted even further, by adding a repulsive reistu like wave, on the bottom of the feet . This contrasts and adds a fricrtionless space for it to run .Aswell now using breeze step it can cause, sonic booms behind it , of deafening sound, or make the ground around him give out in different manners on the weakest points. This also ,allows for a passive , which causes his blade, to repluse almost agenst any one that is fighting him or is near him. But aswell the flames that lick aroudn him turn blue , activaing a colbat like fire which is high density , aswell causing winds to rip at high speeds from the updraft it can cause .

Flame emperors sun bala:This causes for the flames around him, to be able to contort into a mass which can be used .By the formation of bala styled reitsu into them . So that he can fire off huge sun like flaming bala's , This can only be used, In the higher forms. f him .Since he cannot use this in his normal form . Aswell this is an attribute of his flame .Using its heat it generates a repulsive pillar when they hit. These being only stronger then most bala variants. And can only be used in his shikai forms and above. But this aswell, causes a reaction with the grass And land scape around it known as Landscape Scorch , this can cause sand around the craters of the bala to actually, Turn to hardened volcanic shale or even slick obsidion, and in some cases crystal clear glass, which is utterly Impossible for most to step on. Though this aswell, can leave residue on the spot, that is severly hot, for afew turns known as Vapor trace. This causes the remininants to super heat the area around where it hit for afew turns at most.


650 years ago ad. the war
The year i died,

and lived.. Truely as one.

It was the year ad, it was a crystal clear night one that was common in the gotai thirteen. Simpe errands where being ran through out the area. Everything being quiet . Now suddenly alarms blared , Exploading everywhere, . First people stopped in confusion, before pandimonium just broke loose. people ran, in dissaray, as they had been in utter fear,. The captians yelling for there, men to become orderly and contained. These members where frightened from the Arrancar that had been sited, Being as they where not normal at all even in how they seemed. since this one inflicted terror on everyone around like a disease that needed to be contained. Naru Naru Pulled out his kantana, and got ready to fight. Though this decided unknown to naru naru ,His fate for the futures to come. Naru Naru, rushed out to meet the attackers, Though now seeing how powerless we where agenst them. Not even putting scratches at all on them, No matter how hard we tryed. His amazingly thick hide making it utterly impossible. It was pitifull even our head captian could do nothing. Right before my eyes, the captian was cut down, Blood spraying everywhere in violent array. Comrades exploading everywhere, from huge cero's that seemed to fly everywhere in a insane pace, that no one could seem to match. Naru naru and the remaining people fought back, As hard as they could to no avail. After two years went by .Naru Naru, he launched forward trying to strike at the male arrancar but before he could even get nere, As a female arrancar, slammed her boot into him, after delivering a series of cuts. Blood spattering out of his mouth and ribs, as a huge dust cloud formed from where he had fallen. now slowly diing , His eyes began to close. Naru naru's will is what changed him that day though. waking up something deep inside him, though not enough to completely release it. For now this energy, was enough to begin to sustain him, while fallig . His eyes slid shut. The world going completely black.

Slowly Naru Naru's eyes slid open, looking around slightly, getting accustomed to the light that was thick with smoke and debri, of decaying life forms, and rubble from the after math of the war. The sickening stentch that followed was almost enough to make Naru Naru's form bend over and wretch up everythign that he had in his stomache. Ribs hurting ,and body racked with pain , Naru naru began to get up slowly, his mouth slick with blood still, after resting for one hundred years. Though his blade seemed to be changed at the hilt, Being much more elaborate and , cross peace, On the kantana. His heart feeling almost like it was being eaten away slowly at some force , which sickened him to his very core. like a hollow. This idea was absurd to him thought. Shakin the idea off naru naru, Began to pick his way around the huge, landscape which seemingly , never ended. Bodys which where in different stages of decomposition strewn acrost, the mine feild of rubble and oulders. Blood running from there veins of the wounded that is. The sickness slowly day by day getting worse, and he picked his way around for 100 years .Looking for any suvivores, Though at the end his heart hurt so bad that it was a never ending torcher for Naru Naru.

Now a figure that was black as night came out, becoming Naru naru forward almost, Though curiously, naru naru naturally followed. Before he knew it the whole area began to feel like it was changing, Blackened exspanses forming around, him As the land scape itself dissapeared, sloly but surely, two forms now having formed, Instead, one being a huge dragon like hollow, The one that was cloaked in a lininen cloak being much smaller, Before his voice came out in a decent deep tone, speaking to Naru naru. "Do you accept us as we have you for a long time. we needed you to wake up. "

Naru naru replied "Course i do" Now, a new power seemingly rushing into naru naru, as this startled him he talked to both of them slowly, in a meditative like manner as they seemingly conversed. debating they learned things about one another with a respectfull interest. Him being a strange zampuckto.. He learned though this being long ago. Known as devils moon, or Akuma Tsuki, Was the one with the linen cloak, slowly at this point, the foundations of the seiretey had been built around his form, which had been hidden under a rubble pile which they did not bother to move or change. Unlike others instead of Exploring, Naru Naru would spend the next 1000 years or so training. With his only two freinds, he would work with them together.

600 AD
LOSES Kidō IN speed training
it had been one hundred years since he had first entered his own inner world. Now the two that where his zampukto and hollow began to push naru naru's Speed. Naru Naru ran, with Diablo or Akuma Tsuki chasing on his heels in fast presuit, for this was his inititiative to speed up, and not get caught .Since t now, When diablo caught him, he would Be kicked hard and true, the force slamming him through a building in his inner world. Naru Naru got no rest though he had to get up, and continue to run faster and faster. Never able to slow down, or he would be kicked merselessly , through a building, This was a exercise his inner zampukto Akuma Tsuki or Diablo though of to push his speed and improve it to make it much much faster . Maximizing, the speed he could use, in his normal form, just for being able to keep this in his shikai, and be able to get the most out of his shikai, But for this he had many years of training before he was granted a shikai. But he aswell had much more bonding to do before he could even use shikai aswell . Bruises began after awhile to form on naru naru .But naru naru never stopped being chased by Diablo, Slurs issuing from Diablo's lips. These being intended to Speed Naru Naru up, and it workec causing him to slowly .Build in speed and , Somehow always dug inside himself to push faster when ever Diablo seemingly was begginning to catch up, This also was building up his speed and durability. Because he had to be able to sustain these speeds for a very very long time or it would be impossible, For him to really use his shikai to its best capabilities . Now, while he began to get faster, and more durable, this allowed his hollow and zampucto to actually pour more of there power into him. But soon Naru naru Got pretty quick using jutting rubble from the previous loops to press off causing himself, to move like the wind, dust filling the air like a contininual torcher. Slowly, he needed to get better before he could attempt his shikai.

500 years ago AD SWORD WORK :
now just after finishing his speed training he got no break, being forced now to do, Sword work, being tossed a sword, Diablo rushing naru naru now, with a endless stream of attacks, Each time, he missed it would send him flying back into a wall because of the force of the flat side of the blade. Causing him, to crash through a building. Now, as he slowly got up ,Diablo Assaulted naru naru, With , another stream of , assaulting blows, which rained in on him from all sides .Each time, the forces shatterig bone and causing intesne pain to form in his ribs ,And other places. Naru Naru Now, gritting his teeth began to see a pattern in the onslaught of blows which never ever seemed to end a frontal slash coming at him. Before naru naru's natural reflex's began to get into speed, blade flicking around to parry, before Naru Naru kicked out sending diablo through a wall , Before now coming forward to test Diablo with a counter onslaught of slashes whih seemed to continue on forever, as it went back and forth .Constantly, one gaining the upper hand suddenly before then the other would make a come back, honing his blading skills took time, but, Slowly but surely. he actually began to Get extremely Used with the Sword in his hand causing it to flick in and out with parries.

400years ago
barra training from Dragon fang.
This day naru naru got a new teacher. His other sitting back in a Throne like chair getting ready to actually, Watch this new fight ,as the massive dragon like hollow flicked its tail out, Producing a Huge bara which slammed into Naru who could not produce a strong enough barra, causing him to Blast into a wall . His form now groaning while Naru naru got up, looking up at the massive hollow. Which now, he began to focus on his reitsu, before firing a blast back , the result being just a weak bara which did hardly any damage if any at all, Working more and more though over a set period of time, causing it to began to build in power, and , Accuracy, as he slowly over time was able to , begin to build up, more power and reitsu, so that he could actually blast more bara's. Aswell as when he only started out, being able to produce maybe 2 bara's now, he could stream out many of them, after he began to exhange flurried blows with his hollow Companion, causing explosions to light up the sky, . Before now, Naru Naru pressed himself even harder, slowly before long being able to kick out bara's from he feet aswell, which was a most interesting trait for him in his opinion. This is because not only does he have the ability to use bara's This aswell ,is from the uncanny nack of , being able to shoot bara's from his feet since in his bankai, he has no use of his hands. Now, the bara's began booming back and forth in the sky, like a dangerous game of dancing, and fire works. Alowwing for a deafening booming sound to emit from the area around him.

300years ago
playing with fire.
Naru naru, had began to notice , that in his shikai state heat had began to rise up around him in a dangerously , hot manner .First being hardly noticable, the more used to shikai he got. The seemingly more potent it was, at first though it was hardly a flame once a day .But slowly now, the wind blowing around, he concentrated alone, working on cultivating that flame through holding it longer and longer .The periods that he could do this though .As he began to slash down .Creating flaming weak cresent projectiles, each seemingly leaving him drained. Naru Naru vowed though he would get much stronger, so little by little day by day, he threw more and more of these flames in his inner world . Using the break that His teachers gave him to train harder .To perfect this particular skill. Now naru naru, watched the billowing flames and craters he had caused, watching before letting the flame once more roar up aroudn him, in a hap hazard manner .This time he waited and waited. But something inside him seemed to have opened, the flames now ,Being rising in potency, and ferocity, to cover him in a cloak Of which he did not know how it got there. But all the same he just grinned, allowing himself to embrace this new flame, Forcing it out around him testing truelly how far it would go . Over all though he then flicked his blade down .The wind causing naru naru's blade to his before a raging cresent projectile flung from the confines of his blade. This now scorching the ground, soon causing it to harden like glass. This perplexed Naru Naru for some time, before he decided not to care. some things where just better unknown in his opinion and so thats how it stayed. Unknown and out of mind, which was a releif for Naru Naru to be truthfull.

100years ago
Reistu building
So that naru naru could keep up multiple things at once, Slowly diablo, meditated with naru naru, showing him how he could build his reitsu by doing this .Teaching naru naru, how to build onto his reitsu using this technique, now Naru Naru grinned some the light dimming and changing around him, in odd fashions, while he closed his eyes breathing in deeply , allowing for the air to fill his lungs, While he meditated.
The power and basic nature of this meditation allowing soon for his reitsu to begin to climb more and more .Though not to the point it was over flowing .Because of the power that would be collected within him .
Most of all though this allowed him time to reflect and think about what would happen when he actually got back to the real world, But things always seemed to go away once he meditated for long enough .A sense of ease covering around him like a forest surrounding him. this allowing him to gather his thoughts much more easily , So that he could figure out what he was going to do once this was over. But now, he had a long good time to become composed, And figure out what to do.

Slowly it was growing within naru naru .His reistu was before he simply ,allowed it to close within him, this time, dragon fang and diablo, was actually pouring there energy within him, allowing for his own to increase alot, while causing the three of them to fuze in reitsu, this causing a perfect unity between them which would help in the following years to come. but now he closed his eyes, years passing while he meditated, before waking up, his skills still sharp as knives though from the hundreds of years they where ingrained within him.

Naru naru had learned all he could from them for now, Causing, a need for farewells but now , as naru naru, seemingly, looked out at them curiously. not knowing what the bad mood they where in was about .Sadly though soon it dawned on him, ,as he sighed, looking, at them before slowly, he saw that, it was something, that was inevitable, so now, He sighed lookin around before he began to stride off, waving . Though naru naru's fare well gift was actually his bankai and ressurection. So now he had smiled, Nodding his fare wells, He began to slowly wake himself up, the force of it, causing this to take 600 years slowly. of hard work, being he was so long aleep, his blood beginning to flow around, his form slowly, now wakign up bones and slowly his muscles aswell began to wake up, before long now, his eyes slowly slid open, a strange light, opening up above him, as Naru Naru got up, shakign his head, before walking up towards the surface. The sky being blue as he remebered it .But he had to leave this place.. The gotai 13, was not.. his home anymore.. So now.. a door slowly opened up, Causing a portal to somewhere different, a land under the sky to open up . Now not hesitating he got into it, apearing in the world of the living once more.
And this is where the modern story begins . The next chapter. wonder what will happen.

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"Because of this, the blade can be able to slice through cero’s and or Kidō skills and so fourth. "

Ok so first thing Imma gunna need you to expand on this
Things like sokatsui and cero have no real shape or form so you can slice through those but things

BAKUDO on the other hand are more of a single celled energy substance-- you wont be able to cut out of that with the vibration thing-- its be more of a brute force type thing and even then you might not be able to work your way out of binding kidou.

" Due to thousands of years of training naru naru literally with a swipe of his blade could cut the top off of a small hill. "

I'm gunna say no @ him being thousands of years old seeing as vizards were only recently created im capping ages at 650 till further noticeso try to keep it somewhere in there.

". Although also being able to vent like chad's arm making it so the speed he's moving can get up to 23.3mps (miles per second) if in short bursts or sustainably can get up to 990mph this is only due to how the technique works. "

Be aware that this wont me lolinstant 990 mph even if it was you'd need an EXTREME release of power so either have it so it can reach 990 mph or make it so it takes a decent amount of power and put a cooldown on it

" The heat which exudes from his body literally causes his steps to be extremely fast and thrust him forward. "

Explain how or why or its nogo

When making changes be sure to give me some indication of what and where they are OR you could copy n paste all changes to a comment o I could read it once these are fixed Imma approve you at.......

1 tier is allowed two advanced and one master per section, Nice app

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NARU NARU work in progress
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