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 Daeroth's Character

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PostSubject: Daeroth's Character   Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:14 pm

Sinner Template

Name: Daeroth Ultaric VoidBlood.
Age: 22.
True Age: 500 years old.
Sex: Male.

Daeroth revels in evil and chaos, nothing pleases him more than to torment others. When needed though, he can be a polite and patient negotiator and is known to reward his minions. Daeroth's motivations are primarily that of the average Sinner's — his own power, his own survival, and the chance to cause havoc.

  • He is concerned entirely with himself and his own quest for power and control, and his selfishness leads him nearly to paranoia — in his view, anything that goes wrong is a conspiracy at him. Given Daeroth's native environment, and the temperament of its denizens, this is an excellent survival trait and not too far off the mark.

  • Despite that, Daeroth is very intelligent, and a capable tactician. The simple fact that, he will exist for eternity, unless something greater destroys him. That allows him to have considerable patience if it will be rewarded with a considerable increase in power. He's also able to think laterally, and work around his problems.

  • He has been known to cooperate with other evil beings. Daeroth would make a most dangerous foe to any but the most powerful, yet for all his years of knowledge, he is oftenly hampered by arrogance, impatience stemming from boredom, and somewhat inflexible habits in combat.

Likes: (Note- these are described in his personality).

  • Pain.

  • Destruction.

  • freedom.

  • Power.

Dislikes: (Note- these are described in his personality).

  • silence.

  • Mood killers.

  • Crowded areas.


Character Appearance

Height: 6'4".
Weight: 130 LBs.
Physical Traits: (12.5% of Power's Output in humanoid form).

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Exceptionally strong; looking athletic and compact with wiry muscles. Daeroth is possessed of angular features and striking high cheekbones. He has a silver skin tone, and stark black colored hair, worn long and loose. He has black horns curved towards the back of his head from the sides in the length of six inches, and eyes that glow gold in color.
Clothing: Wrapped in shreds of cloth and black tattered robes that swirl in supernatural wind. (Upgrades are presented on Sinner Stage one).
Equipment: (The equipment will go along with his forms, due to no extreme body change).

Annihilating Bracer: The bracer appears as a fine latticework of gold and silver that covers most of the length of Daeroth's right forearm, inset with clear gemstones around the wrist. The bracer is a relic of immense power. The stones draw in magical energy from the sun and its surroundings. The bracer greatly enhances Daeroth's powers by absorbing 15% Light from the sun, which is then filtered into Signet, where as, Signet converts the solar energy into Energy.


Signet Ring is a crimson glowing gold ring inset with a black stone on the right hand. The Signet Ring is a filteration, a stone that draws in magical energy from Annihilating Bracer.


NOTE: The combination of Annihilating Bracer and Signet Ring can be used one turn, with a cool-down of three turns.

Chains: Daeroth can manifest the metal chains that bind him to Hell, and uses the ones attached to his left wrist as ong ranged weapons, like whips. He also can manifest the chains to act as a shield against attacks. Daeroth can also use his chains to latch onto an enemy's limbs, and swing them around effortlessly.

A bone white mask named Ergen, with dried blood trails from the eye-sockets to the chin of the mask that significantly augments his physical capabilities, which can be used in conjunction(Conjunction means Use)with his Haliax form, sinner Unique Form, and Full Demon Form.

Belt of Storm Giant Strength: is a great and decorated girdle with a silver buckle set with crossed lightning bolts. It imbues Daeroth with the strength of a giant, the greatest of which are the Storm giants that throw lightning bolts across mountain peaks. The belt enacts its magic when being tightened notch by notch. To adjust the notches, it will take one turn each.


Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Daeroth is a tactical master, taking every advantage offered him and seeking to create more. He is also a very fast learner. Even if he observes a particulair combat maneuver just once or twice, he is able to adapt it to his weapon and duplicate it effectively in battle. He is also excellent at improving; he can use his surroundings to excellent effect, when he would otherwise be at a severe disadvantage.



Sinner stage one:(25% of Power's Output).

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

When Daeroth Enters Haliax : The second form (or first "upgraded" form), his power surges, with thick, black and red opaque ash in the air, obscuring his being temporarily. Once the ash clears, there are a few differences to him; His hair turns white, and becomes waist length. His body takes on a slight difference in appearance; Standing at 6 feet, 4 inches, weighing in at 140 pounds, with the 10 pound armor on. Even exceptionally strong; looking athletic and compact with wiry muscles. silver-grey like skin tone with etches of strange energy lines that glow in the color of orange all acrossed his body. Daeroth exhibits those golden eyes of his. The skin gives off a smell of burning incense. A Suit that is constructed from mesh of metal, composite plates, and a padded jumpsuit with a cowl around his head where his hair can be done up with a leather lace as a pony-tail, preventing his hair from getting in the way. The protection is of good quality, though not constricting movement in the least. In this form, Daeroth’s body constantly emits smoky white haze, most of which is focused around his arms and legs, (Daeroth will be wearing the mask in this form).


Sinner Unique abilities: Daeroth can generate a sword he personally named Wrath of Tyrariama. The sword is essentially the Conscience of Daeroth. It is also referred to as Raging Tyrariama and is depicted as a flaming sword in murals. The sword has a slender, razor-edged, gleaming red blade, its length is five feet and six inches, inscribed with designs of cloaked figures and tall scythes, accentuated by black substance running along its center. The sword has a hand-and-a-half handle with a Skull-shaped ornate, the size of a human's eye for the pommel (Or Butt of the handle). The cross guard has an emblem of skulls on both sides of the body, Two up slopping arm-fangs protruding from the Cross guard's body. The blade glows with purple energy around the blade in the form of flames. The output needed to generate this sword is quite simple;

The majority being its construct is based on Daeroth's Conscience, and how well Daeroth keeps the energy flow small- this will create the body of the blade entirely of Energy. Add pressure to the energy flow to create the flames that'll boost energy capabilities.


Sinner unique form: (50% Power's output).

Daeroth and Raging Tyrariama are imbued with the Element of Darkness, which drastically changes both of their appearances.

Daeroth's Imbued Darkness Appearance:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


Raging Tyrariama's Imbued Darkness Appearance: The sword has a long and overly large cruciform hilt made of gold mixed with silver, and a handle in the length of two hand spans. Obsidian Straight single-edged blades are back to back, with an inch of space between the two blades. The Cross-guard is two arms slopping downwards and away from the handle which end in ball joints made of Obsidian. There is a crimson fabric around the guard and handle for grip, leaving the arms of the cross-guard bare. Inside the middle of the cross guard is an emblem(a flat disk, round gold with silver mixed in which has etched designs that look like veins. These veins are on the blades as well) with three spheres inset on both sides of the sword. Red, Green, and Blue are the colors of the spheres. Between the blades is a red sphere like the one inside the emblem that is on the cross-guard. The sword has corona of flames dancing along its blade, of darkness.

(NOTE: The length of the sword is four feet and six inches).


Full demon form: (100% Power's output).

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Full Demon Abilities: Retains Darkness Imbue Powers, which are doubled from output of power.

Boosts: Strength+2, Speed+3, Endurance+2, Durability+2, Energy Power doubles.(Enhanced resistance when stacked with Darkness form.)

Back Drop



Side Notes: This Sinner is an Equip Sinner. Tier 2-1 level.

RP Sample: Read History for the RP format that will be used. (Note: Self explanatory as well, for RP Novella is a version of RP).


Physical Traits:
  • Movement speed: Advanced.
  • Durability: Advanced.
  • Strength: Adept.
  • Weapon skill: Adept.

Sinner Traits:
  • Ferrum cutis: Advanced.
  • Umbra gradum: Adept.
  • Potentia furtum: Adept.
  • Obice: Advanced.

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PostSubject: Re: Daeroth's Character   Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:55 pm

"which gives extreme resistance to reduce all forms of damage by 25% "

Depends on the skill and tier of the strike

"Daeroth can manipulate the sword, changing its direction as he sees fit. He can also Augment its speed "

No @ that he can only change the swords shape if he makes it dis-appear and re-form I'm gunna put a 1 post cool down for him to do that. Once its been dis persed it takes 1 post for him to re-form it however he chooses. No for changing its speed

"The Oil is a very explosive substance created on by altering the state of energy into the sword for a quick, devastative strike that has a knock-back effect, while dealing heavy damage enough to smash a five foot in diameter sized hole in a four foot thick steel wall."

If its that powerful he'll feel it as well-- he should get some knockback-- also specify if its only concussive, cause if its incendiary too he'll definitely feel it
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PostSubject: Re: Daeroth's Character   Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:14 pm

The Darkness ForceFields absorb half the attack's strength(physical or energy based)to enhance its deflection, which alters the direction of the attack away.

The Modification of his body through shadows/dark energy, boosting his capabilities, with a duration for five turns and a cool-down of five turns."

First one depends on person tier and skill level-- as always.
Second one is a no

"He has the ability to absorb shadows/dark energy into his body to increase physical capabilities for a duration four turns, with a cool-down of four turns.

He can create Darkness cloaking, where if Daeroth stepped into a shadow, he'd vanish from sight(Limited invisibility with a duration of two turns without being tampered and a cool-down of two turns)."

First one is a no, you can add onto your energy but not physical capabilities.

Second one Don't work in complete darkness-- or rather at nighttime it dosn't work as well because there's no real contrast of light and dark but in day time you're almost completely invisible.
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PostSubject: Re: Daeroth's Character   Sat Jul 14, 2012 7:21 pm

Imma re-approve you at 2-1
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PostSubject: Re: Daeroth's Character   Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:23 pm

Add in an RP sample before I can approve this.
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PostSubject: Re: Daeroth's Character   

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Daeroth's Character
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