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 Kazunori Izubunchi Captain of Squad 12

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PostSubject: Kazunori Izubunchi Captain of Squad 12   Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:02 pm

Shinigami Template

Basic Information

Name: Kazunori Izubunchi
Age: 27
True Age: 212
Sex: male
He has grown very, very aligned with being a strong lawful person with good morals. He has based his life around the law but in the process learned how to get around it if needed. Witch in a since is not very lawful but is always good to have. He made his mind up long ago to become a powerful Shinigami and protect the weak from evil. In his own way he is a hero, but then again some of his ethics stray far from what most hero's do. All of this kind of sums up the fact that he is a lawful person he goes by the rules, but also learned things to get around getting in trouble so he could be a hero.

He does not care much about gaining lots of powers and reaching the top to become a great Shinigami, but wanting to be a hero has caused him to have to gain power. Without power and will what kind of hero would he be. So his only pump up to become strong is so he can protect the weak.

He does most of his training along with other things in an orderly fashion, this comes from being lawful, most things to do with the law have to be orderly or they just do not work out. This has included him taking up time to train younger pupils that are weak so they can protect them selfs. He believes in protecting the weak, but also that the weak should stand up for them self and fight as well and never back down no matter what. He learned that being weak is just a saying and that no one person is stronger than another, one just had more drive and the other just needs to be motivated so he can become powerful as well.

He has studied rules of the human world as well as the Shinigami, hollow worlds so he knows just what happens when someone does somethings wrong. The only reason for learning the hollow world rules was, that if he was to fight a being from the hollow world he could use some of their rules to mess with them. So in a way he is a little bit of a thinker and manipulator.

He actually seems to like having people around. He has lots of friends and likes to do stuff with them. He just does not like doing the things they like to do. In fact most of the things Kazunori likes to do are very boring. He is just a boring person to be around. He does not train with others. He finds that to be to much like showing off. The only thing he has actually ever done with his friends is that he got drunk with them once. He does not like drinking but if he gets a hold of a drink he just has the alcoholic DNA for it. Seeing that he has done it once means that he will most like do it again. Seeing that he has a little thing for drinking shows that he can block out his morals, like any regular person spirit or not. In fact his whole personality changes he becomes kind of a pervert. Yelling and staring at the ladies, touching in wrong places and doing things that someone of his class would not do unless they were Kazunori.

So mainly he is just a good person on the inside. He has his little drinking stage, and so on. Mainly just a normal Shinigami his attitude is not really anything evil. He is a good person who's attitude is good in a way but not completely good seeing he can crack under pressure. His only real specialty is the fact that he wants to protect and be a hero. Does not really care about being strong but must be strong to survive in the world. All this sums up the fact that he is quite the good yet has a little dark side.He has a nerd side though, he would love to get a position in division 12. He loves doing research on things.

1: being with friends

2: being quiet

3: kind people

4: strict army like people

5: reading books

6: studying and learning new things.

7: being lazy/ lazy people

8: people who try to be badder than they really are


1: people being rude

2: people being disrespectful

3: people being suck ups

4: people begging for things

5: drugs, beer, etc

6: fatty foods

7: terrible jokes

8: people being loud for no reason


1: fears becoming weak

2: fears people stronger than he is

3: fears his own Zanpokuto to a certain extent.

Character Appearance

Height: 6'1
Weight: 198
Physical Traits:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style:
Generally he uses Kido and fast movements in a battle. He has trained in Kido for a good while, learning them one after another. Generally he finds ways to trap his opponents and blast them with Kido until they fall down. He does use his Zanpokuto a lot to do quick blocks and strikes. Though he generally uses his Shikai most of the time. Giving him many ways of doing things in a fight. He is a good fighter because he does not do the same things over and over. He finds new ways of doing things. He also keeps a lap top with him to plug information into and keep track of how a fight goes. This helps him out a lot the next time he fights someone. He mainly as you can tell is using smarts and brain skill in a battle.

Zanpakuto & Kidou

Sealed Appearance:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Spirit’s Name: Chikon (bloody roots)
Spirit’s Appearance:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Inner World:
Kazunori's inner world differs from time to time. Its look depends on where he is at in a given moment, but Kazunori's inner world always looks evil and dark. It is something that someone might see in a dream. Say if he was in Karakura town, is inner world would be karakura town but with no sun. Darkness surrounding everything, Plants having grown though buildings, there is a sun but it is blood red and gives hardly no sun light.




Call Out Command: devour, bring hell and punish the wicked and give life to a new day, "chikon"
Appearance: In appearance picture.

Name: Kon no Daiue (Root of Hunger):
type: offensive
rang: close,medium
description: Summons several large sentient roots, each with razor fangs. Each root is about 18 feet tall, and several means there are 4 of these roots. Each root as the ability to expand them selfs outwards at least 8 feet more. They each have a mouth about 3 feet wide along with razor fangs forming all around the mouth.

Name: shido Tsukuru (seed create)
type: none
range: none
description: You could say this is kaz's shikai main ability. Growing seeds, pluse the ability to grow and alter them. Only being able to alter the seeds he makes though. This ability allows kaz to create a seed of any plant he wants (just has to be an actual plant in real life). Its a simple but yet could be deadly ability. It takes two posts for the seed to grow to a medium size, 4 to grow to a large size.

Note: regular seeds just create roots he has an unlimited amount of these seeds. Any other seed will be created an an equipment.
rank: none

Name: Shikai research
type: none
type: none
Description: This is where he gets his info to create seeds as equipment. He searches into his shikai and finds the DNA of any plant ever to be made.

Note: not really an actually ability just makes me feel better for this to be in my app.
rank: none

Name: Devouring Shido (master version)
type: none
Range: ----
Description: This is his main shikai ability one that does several different things if used in the right way. Any plant his could with his body he has the ability to control and alter it. This ability is always active, he can only control one plant at a time though. An example of how this would work is like this. Kazunori touches a tree, then the tree grows a stem with a sharp end, then he causes the stem to attack his opponent. That is just a simple description of how it can be used. Note that actually using this ability takes a lot of focus and a clear mind. It will leave him wide open while it is being used.

Note: This has been mastered, he can use it to a full extent. It no longer takes so much time and focus to be used. He can now control more than one plant now, because now he can control 2 plants. Also his Shikai is a blade so it is also a plant.

reiatsu x3 speed x2 Stamina x3


Name of Bankai: Kaikei no Kamiki (Reckoning of the God Tree)

bankai ability: Kazunori's bankai ability does not really change from his shikai ability. The only difference is that Kazunori has complete control over plants, witch means he can create and grow them just by thinking. This does not mean they are pretty and girly he has complete control so he can do what he wants with them.

Bankai Description: Kazunori places his sword into the ground, then the sword is planted into the ground. The sword acts as a seed being planted. The ground then becomes red and and glows red. Everything in the area that is a plant becomes his bankai. Also notes that this ability gives him complete control over plants so he can do what he wants with them. (just not to a state of unreality.)
Bankai Techniques:

Name: Akonhige (Devil Root Tendril)
type: all around
range: All around
description: He stats that the whole area is his bankai but in reality his bankai is what he can make grow in an area. This ability is for an all around, being able to grow different kinds of plants and create them in his bankai. The bankai does not give kaz the ability to create a plant of unreality, for example (he can not turn a sunflower into flaming 20 foot man thing, it has to be in reality.) The bankai has an area of 100 yards around kaz. This ability also gives kazunori the ability to create seeds of any kind he has found.


Back Drop

Kazunori was a great student durring his school years. All ways making A's and never failing a class. Head over the baseket ball team. The teachers loved him his parents loved him, everyone wanted to be his friend. The think was that Kazunori did not like hanging out or doing stuff with anyone. He mainly just wanted to sit and read about martial arts and how they were made. Watch a little anime every other day. This was his just your everyday popular perfect kid who did not like really being around people much. The only thing he really would ever ask for was to take martial arts, but his parents would say no its to dangerous or you might get hurt. They did not understand the way that kazunori felt he was tired of the same old kids picking and beating up others. They never messed with kazunori because he was popular, but that also made kazunori mad, he did not like being popular in fact he hated it with a passion. As perfect as he seemed to everyone else he felt he was the most disgraceful and dishonorable person that ever lived. He had witnessed people getting beat up for so long and never doing anything about it. He knew it was time to act but knew nothing about what to do. His parents said no to training in martial arts. Thinking about things day in and day out he finally found something to do with himself. He started working out and running getting stronger and more fit as every month passed by. He knew a few people who knew martial art, though he had to say he would hang out with them to get them to show him anything of use. He was pretty good not the best but good, but reading about martial arts and learning showed him new things that even allowed him to beat people who were really too strong for him. He had no master but knew the rules if you fight for showing off and making people think that you can fight you will be stopped from practicing martial arts. Kind of sad it was that his parents finally found out about it and made him stop practicing martial arts.

It is impossible for a parent to tell their teenager what he can and can not do. They will listen but putting so many rules on them only causes them to keep doing what they were doing. Rather than actually still practicing martial arts kazunori started to think about the people who created martial arts, most of them had to have a very high goal to reach. Kazunori's said his was "to protect and destroy". Those words gave him the drive to reach his goals, little by little. Easy goals first then the hard one, protect people from bad things then destroy the problem. Kazunori had the power to protect but lacked the power to destroy, he needed more training. Spending many days thinking and being by himself, he finally made his mind up.

Leaving his family do travel alone and train. He felt that would be the best thing to do. Being by himself and having all the time in the world, no one to bother him. To him it sounded like a great idea, but even with all of his smarts it was nothing that could have saved him from what would happen. His destiny was set before he would ever get to finish his goals. His life would end in a blink of an eye, a dark shadow would cast itself on kazunori's spirit. Walking along a road expecting nothing to happen. Only thinking about himself and not paying any kind of though to his area, a driver of a car had fell asleep while driving. Losing control of the vehicle the driver would wake up as he ran right over kazunori.

Such a horrible death for such a young person. Thinking he was doing something good but ending up he created his own demise. His body was some how was never recovered, and neither was the car the hit him. It was such a weird thing that happened nothing was ever spoken about this, it was never put on the news nor in a paper. Anyone that knew him forgot him, it was as if their memories of him were erased and he was never alive. A hollow has caused the wreck, he was a hollow who had the ability to cause people to sleep. After the wreck had happened the hollow ate the driver and was going to do the same to kazunori, the only thing that stopped him was a weak shinigami very weak at that, sacrificed himself to protect kazunori's spirit so he would not be eaten by a hollow. Before being killed by the hollow the shinigami quickly preformed a konso and kazunori was layed to rest.

After having died int he human world kazunori had not feelings could not see nor think but he was there in a black world. How could someone be there but not even be able to think about himself being there. It was not a unhappy place but a clam and peaceful place, no worries just being there but not being there at the same time. What seemed like just a few seconds stopped, his mind and body came back he felt the same as before. Then a small light appeared from a distance. With out think kazunori followed he knew not why he was but only that he had too.

Seeming like only a few seconds kazunori walked out into a bright field with tree's and the wind blowing. It seemed so clam and nice, the cool wind hit kazunori in the face as he walked. His eye's seemed to be a little blinded from sun, he had not had his eye's opened for some time. Now having actually arrived to a new place he couldent move he was still but thinking something was different about him, apon arriving to the soul seciety due to his young age he was turned into a baby. A baby actually being born in the ss is in some cases considered rare but not the rarest. A mark was left from when the hollow attack during kazunori's human life what would have been a scare in the human world was now a tattoo under his left eye.

The baby was not left laying there a guard shinigami who was on a patrol walk by the little baby. Looking around to make sure it was not someone's he picked it up and brought it home. This shinigami was not part of a squad, he was just a regular shinigami who was put on guard for his lack in skill. This shinigami had lost his dream of becoming an important part of the sou seciety but he knew that this little baby still had lots of time to prepare and get strong. So what the shinigami did was train harder and harder so that he would be able to teach kazunori skills much younger than a regular kid would. He would train the boy before he ever reached the age of being able to go to the academy.

Four years would go by and the baby would now be able to talk and walk around he was more than old enough to be able to comprehend things and learn. So at the age of 5 he started training kazunori, what was amazing was that he was able to learn fast and understand. He was able to learn at the age of five at about half the speed of a student at an academy. By the time he turned seven he was able to go to an academy but instead stayed at home and trained with his father. Kazunori's father took him with him on his guard duties. This was still a great opportunity for kazunori he was getting more experience than any other shinigami student. At 13 he was about to start the academy and in the eyes of his father he was all ready a shinigami and could easily pass anything the academy could throw at him.

The academy threw many hardships towards kazunori. For one things were completely the same for him as they were in the human world. Everyone liked him, he was the top in his class and found everything super easy. The only main difference what that instead of reading he was training after school. Before he ever went to the academy his father had already showed him the law of the soul seciety and as he did in the human world he learned them. He was becoming a great shinigami before he actually had became an official, but that ment nothing to him he mainly wanted to protect his father. He loved the man so much as so did the father. The day of kazunori's graduation from the academy, kazunori's father gave him his official zanpokuto. The father had asked the academy not to give him one because he wanted to be the one who gave it to kazunori. Kazunori's father told him that zanpokuto sword was his fathers and that its guard was made of gold and the hilts fabric was made of the finest silk and cotten. It was a very unusual sword none are like it in the soul seciety but its main distinct character is that it had the word "kami" carved into the blade. Kazunori at the time was trilled to have such a sword but would find out that he would not be able to do the things that he knew he could do, and that acting has to relation to actually doing something.

Going to the academy smiling happier than ever, kazunori would witness what a true shinigami must deal with. Carrying his zanpokuto with pride and honor, giving a heroic look out. Only before having a horrible feeling reiatsu come over his body. Somehow a hollow had mad its way into the soul seciety it was a pretty large one at that. Nothing real bad but enough to kill good amount of shinigami. It was good that kazunori's father delt with these things a pretty good bit, but what was bad was that kazunori wanted to play bit and attack the hollow head on. Thinking he was protecting and being heroic he put him self in danger and caused his father to push kazunori out of the way right before the hollow slammed a giant fist onto his father. It was a horrible site his father was completely smashed, nothings but a pancake of flesh lay on the ground. Kazunori's eye's widened, his arms started to shake, his mind completely stopped thinking he was a body without a mind. As other shinigami rushed in and killed the hollow kazunori just sat, thinking about how he could have saved his father. He knew he was the cause for his fathers demise, and that he should be delt with as being a criminal, though his only crime was that he was a little too cocky. He mad a patch to his fathers soul and spirit that he would only protect when needed and lash out when an apposing threat appears.

Due to the fact that kazunori's father was killed, the graduation was cancelled and moved to another day. Until the day came to graduate kazunori sat at home and cried. He knew you should never hold in emotions. He wanted to kill though, he wanted to kill hollows and get revenge. Not being able to get revenge on himself seeing he was a reason his father was killed, he went to another source, the hollows. Having cryed so much he pretty much washed his anger away. He felt better after he had cleared his mind, and let all of the emotions out. How could someone not cry after something like that happened them. Only a feelingless or angry crazy person would not care. Getting up after clearing his mind he was fully ready to move on as a shinigami. The graduation was on the next day and he was not going to miss it. His father would not want him to miss it and his father would not want him to just sit around and only thinking about his fathers death.

The day of the graduation was a little sad for kazunori, but in a way happy because of everyones graduation. Kazunori passed everyone of his classes being the top student in that class. He was a good student to his father and the academy. He did nothing that caused anyone any trouble, only training. After the graduation a teacher came up to kazunori and asked him to think about witch squad he would be joining. She gave the list of 13 and said he should really pick witch one he wanted to join. Though looking he found three that he was interested in. The first, squad 3, the second, squad 7, and the last squad 11 each one of these squads looked interesting to kazunori. Of the three he liked squad 11 the most and that would more than likely be the one he picked. He really did not want to pick witch and think at that moment he wanted to go home and rest, before going and being placed in a squad in the soul seciety.

It was now the day all the new graduates would be sent to the thirteen court guard squad and be put in a squad. All the top students would get a chance to pick witch squad they wanted to be in, and as they all walked they were given the official shinigami out fit. Kazunori was among the students who got there a little late. He had been asleep and was sleeping really well, that was the only time he had ever done anything like that. Now it was time for him to make his mind up he was walking though the gates of the court guard squads. He could not help but to smile as he walked though the gate. He had accomplished everything that him and his father set out to do, he now knew his fathers life was no in vane but had gave kazunori something that most never get. He was for the first time happy about what he had done and not serious. Holding on to his zanpokuto and giving it a good grip, he made his first step onto the court yard


Physical Traits
  • Movement speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Shinigami Traits
[list][*]Shunpo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*]Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*]Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*]Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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PostSubject: Re: Kazunori Izubunchi Captain of Squad 12   Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:09 pm

Fix the shinigami traits at the bottom of this page Imma approve you with 1-3

Show me some threads in which he actually uses this ability so I can see how it works.... Atm I'm not gunna approve him being a captain take that out of name for now since you have to apply for that in the gotei listings
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PostSubject: Re: Kazunori Izubunchi Captain of Squad 12   Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:38 am

OK i have a few questions aswell.

For BANKAI , How far does it reach?
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PostSubject: Re: Kazunori Izubunchi Captain of Squad 12   

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Kazunori Izubunchi Captain of Squad 12
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