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 The Demon King Auro wip

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PostSubject: The Demon King Auro wip   Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:32 pm

Sinner Template

☨ Name: Auronagari Drevaki Heki No Akuma Delori
☨ Titles: Black Lotus
☨ Age: 26
☨ Gender: Male
☨ Affiliation/Rank:

☨ Shifter Appearance

[shifter form is only 1-3 ] ☨ True Appearance Picture:


☨ Personality: Traits carried over from his past life which still remain the same:

Personality:is name is ironic. Heiwa (平和) means "Peace/Harmony" while Jima (島) means "Island", leading his last name to translate to "Peaceful Island". Shizu (静) means "Quiet" and "o" (雄) means "Hero/Masculine/Leader", leading his first name to translate to "Quiet Hero".
His hobby is basking in the sun.
Foods he likes: Milk, all dairy products, desserts/sweet things in general
Foods he dislikes: Anything that's bitter, beer (his preferences are like a kid's as far as taste's concerned)
Favorite quote: "I hate violence"

Despite his quiet nature in his normal daily life, Shizuo can turn into a very loud type while fighting Izaya due to his hot blood.
Shizuo has a tendency to break whatever he is holding when he loses his temper. In the present storyline, Shizuo becomes enraged and usually breaks his cigarette in half and then steps it out, while in his childhood, he is seen doing the same thing to a lollipop, pencil, and plastic spoon.
Shizuo is very tolerant to pain even to the point where he got stabbed in the hand with a pen and showed no signs of being in pain at all.
Shizuo apparently has some sort of vocal tic as he is often heard chanting "kill, kill, kill" when riding with Celty or walking down the street.
According to Tom, the reasons Shizuo has never been arrested for all the destruction he caused during his rampages are: 1. the people he beat up are usually the ones who can't or won't go to the police (ex. gangsters), 2. his boss has been paying for the damages, and 3. the destruction he caused is too ridiculous and humanly impossible (in other words, a judge probably will have a hard time believing that a young man has ripped a light pole up from the ground and bent it in half with his bare hands).

Despite his quiet nature in his normal daily life, Shizuo can turn into a very loud type while fighting Izaya due to his hot blood.
Shizuo has a tendency to break whatever he is holding when he loses his temper. In the present storyline, Shizuo becomes enraged and usually breaks his cigarette in half and then steps it out, while in his childhood, he is seen doing the same thing to a lollipop, pencil, and plastic spoon.
Shizuo is very tolerant to pain even to the point where he got stabbed in the hand with a pen and showed no signs of being in pain at all.
Shizuo apparently has some sort of vocal tic as he is often heard chanting "kill, kill, kill" when riding with Celty or walking down the street.
According to Tom, the reasons Shizuo has never been arrested for all the destruction he caused during his rampages are: 1. the people he beat up are usually the ones who can't or won't go to the police (ex. gangsters), 2. his boss has been paying for the damages, and 3. the destruction he caused is too ridiculous and humanly impossible (in other words, a judge probably will have a hard time believing that a young man has ripped a light pole up from the ground and bent it in half with his bare hands).

Character Appearance

Height: varies
Weight: varies
Physical Traits:
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Clothing: varies
Equipment: varies

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: He uses his skills and his smarts to his advantage. By basically using what he has and then backing it up. he gets the most out of what he has. he does so by using it in a mix of long and short distance. Not to mention while he is resourceful he has and uses a keen sense of timing between attacks. not to mention he uses close quarters combat as well as a good mid range in his attacks depending on who and how he is fighting. For the most part though when fighting close distance he uses his martial arts skills and brute strength.


Sinner stage one:

Sinner Natural abilities:

Attacking Defensive fortress:


Destructive tank skill

Spiritual Overhaul tank skill

Sinner Unique abilities: Blade hide: This beasts hide is thick much like a daimond. Due to its near insane hardness. It attributes to extreme weight and being insainly slow. But from this the beast itself is agile but in itself is not very good on the fact it has very little control over its energy other then its very high . This rock like shene which covers its true form is seen like simply having blade like arms and blade like legs. The body itself is around 12 foot tall and has no feet or hands. Its whole body itself looks like a bladed structure and robotic almost. The thick gleaming hide being thick and very very dense weighing in on over 20 tons. From just how heavy the shit is in itself.

This Daimond like carbonite skin, is very thick and has no chinks or cracks. The reason of this is this being needs to contain insane amounts of energy. And not to mention the energy it contains in a nutshell can be thought of as very very hard. another draw back is in this form they cannot grab objects or block in the true form. Due to the fact of the blades in its skin. But another fact is the surface which gleams in this is not only extremely hard but is Very resistant to elemental tampering due to being a gem like substance which is extremely hardy against water, ice and electricty not to mention aswell is highly reflective against lazers and light. One of the few things it can be weak to is high vibrations which can weaken the skin and the armoring within it in itself. The reason of this is is smiple. the vibrations speed up the outward armor, and causes the bonds which it shares to push apart and become easier to push through.

Another reason this is so hard is because of the bonding of the molicules and cells. which had been put to the point that the armor in itself is basically one solid peice at a time with no real items and chunks within which can be bypassed. This being aswell, can be seen to have a x like mask on its face. But other then this the being has no mouth nor does it have eyes and so fourth. It does have a pair of horns though and midnight black wings which are just as hard as the armor itself. These are only just as hard due to the extreme durability within and that the being itself has. this durable armor is as resilient as it is powerfull aswell. Another thing is all the demonic and energies in its nature are not able to be released but are simply held within the body itself. Increasing in the core of the being. making it more or less like a reactor which will keep increasing more and more.

Ice resistance: The resistance to ice comes from the fact the substance is very much like daimond in its properties therefor the ice has no purchas on the object nor can it crack the damiond due to the high defense against fluxuation and more so or less. the fact that the substance in question is very hard to tamper with. Ice can knock it back and can to some extent damage it, but peircing attacks will find no weak spot from ice, and due to how hard the substance basically is, ice is very much something that is hard to use. And aswell due to the fact that the resistance in the armor can do so at high pressures makes it even harder for a substance to harm or injure it .

Flame resistance: The being has high resistance to flame aswell due to the fact that the high intense heat within the body and that is taken to form anything that is like a daimond, makes it very very hard to over heat or melt the object in question and not to mention from the fact that its hard to injure in this aspect. It can be knocked back and thrown around but other then this is very very hard to attack or injure from heat. And due to the fact of how tightly the atoms are bonded together the heat has no real affect on it.

Lightning Resistance: Due to the fact it is daimond, it is not a conductor and can be used basically to reflect lightning. and for another manner. Is highly immune to the affects of lightning, and due to the fact of how closely bonded again, that the atoms are it makes it very very hard for the person in question to be harmed or injured via the way of the lightning in question..

Resistance to reistu / chaos energy/ Nature energy: Due to the fact of the matter being that reistu particles make up an attack or subject in question. Due to the completely 1 surfaced manner of the armor there is basically no pits and no impurities for the attack to stay on. Basically aswell due to the sharp manner of the arms and the body in general. The attacks can blow up infront or around it and can contain it. and to a degree this being can be injured by such attacks. But the attacks in a round about manner can be cut inhalf if they are launched attacks and such via the blade like legs or arms. It is resistant to these due to the one surface plane but other then this the reistu and what not can easily and for the most part can harm this being with relative ease.

Super solid: Due to the manner of the works within the bonds of the atoms and so fourth the outside shell of this creature is not considered just a solid but is in the mannerism of being a super solid. From the fact being that the atomic bonds and other features of it have been compacted to the point of becoming something greater then a simple solid. This is also attributed to the sheer unity of the shell as one plane. which can also classify it in general as a super solid and so fourth depending on how it is though about and exetera.

Cutting edge: The edge of the blades are extremely hard and sharp. being able to cut through daimonds and such other objects. Due to the fact the blade's cutting edge is the sharpest and the most densly compacted point on the creatures body. Being much harder and denser then the body in itself.

Reactor core: Instead of the usual amounts of energy which can be exuded from the body, the magical elements have been sealed within the user just as the abilities are resistant to magical properties the inside seals it within making it impossible for magic to be used. This is why instead of using energy in magical attacks and so fourth its used by quickly coliding with itself, over and over this is then harnessed via the kinetic energy which is being radiated throughout the body. Plus the energy itself is running in on itself faster and faster. Basically this is why his hide is so hard. But in inclusion to this the core itself generates the kinetic energy which in tern is broken down into raw power in swings and force and so fourth.

This is used basically as the overpowering strength of the body in general. Which is added in with the fact of its extremely hard and sharp surface makes it have extreme cutting potentional in general. This strength is increased by this fact. but due to this EXLUDING all his demonic energies it makes it so that he has extremely immense physcal phyzeke and not to mention and insainly strong swinging force and more in a nut shell an insane over all bodily make up which is not neccisary in most mannerisms.

Super power: Due to the Reactor core. Auronagari has extreme strength to the porportions of a monster. Via from the fact of its ability being mostly pure defense and strength. This is responsible for the speed being insanely slow and not to mention his form being like a walking fortress more then anything else. This has increased strength to the point the speed of a swing can cause wind to spray outwards in a gale if needed.

Stats for this form:
Skill sheet affected stats:

Strength +1 skill rank
Speed -2 skill rank
Durability +1 skill rank


Ice damage: -30%
can knock back

Fire: -30%

Water: -30%

Lightning: -30%

Reitsu/energy resistance. -includes ni energy chaos energy ext


Vibration weakness:

damage +20%

Vibrations temperaroly weaken his armor by 5% for every hit. max's at 25% or.. taking 1/4th the strength away. this also decreases elemental defenses.

these reset every 5th post i post

Sinner unique Forms/abilities:

(Demon form 10-75% power)..

Beserkers Conversion: Due to the fact not only does his armor lighten and turn into a stronger substance, in return for having no powers of his own . His Barrier, And his natural abilities plus over all power level increase EXPONENTIONALLY. The restances do aswell and due to the simple affects of prism sheild his barrier iS insainly increased.

9 Prism barrier: Around auro is a kind of variant to the natural sinner barrier. it starts at the skin tight level for the inner most one, then afterwards each outer layer is 1inch away from the previous one. meaning the barrier extends a max of 9 inches from the body and it is a kind of bubble for the outer most layers. Although each layer is the same in most of how they work they are affected slightly from the defensive patterning inside them. As such though each barrier is not only stronger then the last but, they have a kind of blade like field within them which will cut up, and then explode on a opponent.

Hydrogen Skin: Also beserkers conversion adds something known as hydrogen skin. Which is streached on the outside of each barrier in a mist. In short disturbing or breaking a barrier releases a minor nuclear explosion which is channeled and focused into the area of 2 feet around the barrier. It can go up and down. This reforms constantly due to the make up of Hydrogen skin.

Titan strength: Due to beserkers conversion his strength is increased 3 times that of what it normally was. Making it truely monsterous. this is due to the fact he does not get any real abilities in this form.

2nd skin: Due to how his armor was previously, its still there but, its been focused into a thin layer of skin roughly only 1 cm thick. It retains all previous aspects. and due to high concentration looses this also due to how vast his energy is splits a 10th of his energy into the skin, there has also been a change to it from the space which the armor was compacted onto, as instead of just being smooth there is a moldability to it, which is due to the fact the skin itself is a active means of defense. not to mention though the smooth surface has a ridge back texture to it, being made of hundreds of tiny needle like fish hook patterned spikes. Each hook is microscopic and hard to see from the naked eye's point of view but they are still there and they serve to add a roughness to his attacks which also allows him to have much..much better grip. Also the skin can as said before be focused and molded into a few different shapes and forms.

Balloon Strike: The skin and arm can be expanded to 200feet in height by blowing it up, and when i say blowing it up i mean auro bites his thumb and blows down which activates this process, which basically drastically expands the cells and the size of the arm and its muscles though it becomes much slower it still is pretty useful. not to mention when the arm expands it gains much more force due to the increase in size. and this move takes a turn to cool down afterwards, since basically what it does is expands the skin, and if its used too much it could in a sense screw up the consistency of the skin hardness and density wise.

Spike shell: When attacked the skin can expand the ridge like fish hooks on the skins surface to about a 1 foot length each, and when it does so it then becomes super hard basically kinda like a shell of spikes, only much much harder. As it does so though, its a move which he cannot move for the turn its in affect. it takes a 2 turn cool down since the hooks need time to get situated again since if rushed it over stretches and screws up the skins consistency kinda like if you pull on a shirt too hard it stretches out and becomes to big?.. Well same concept here.

Expanding fingers: The fingers can do the same thing as the ballooning but there is a difference. Instead of getting bigger they increase in length and can be used like a whip, although having a 20 foot max striking range it still can be useful, as the fingers can expand and retract decently fast, although if used over 3 times a turn, the skin becomes overstretched weakened and most importantly needs at the least 3 turns to set itself again.

Cannon: This is kind of tricky, as The skin can open up holes on his palms, which basically harden and become like cannon barrels, and when active they are a weak spot in the armor, as they fire out destructive attacks energy and nature oriented ones, and they are different. but the down side besides this is, that when in affect they slow him down and he takes several turns to remold the skin to a normal or.. near normal state.

Explosive arsenal: Below is the list of explosive attacks which have been hardened and can be used.

Penta-skin: His skin is like it was previously but its focused much lighter though just as durable and is split behind the origional skin, which has just become that skin. Into 5 layers which are a third as tough. though they are skin, and resist vibrations.

^ one power

v Second power
Blade Energy: All his power is like blades, being when he moves his finger, what it basically does is summons by absorbing huge amounts of energy, which cannot be manipulated since if anyone trys to manipulate the energy itself, it basically causes it to rip them apart from the inside out. Not to mention in the form, when he brings his fingers or feet around, it causes a thin stream of high vibrating gem like materials to shoot off in a line. This is almost impossible for the naked eye to see, and it can stretch up to a quarter mile. When it does this the metal is saw backed, and is highly potent in its vibrations. As when it accelerates in slashing it goes up to 500mph. all this speed being due to the fact, its extremely small, and is very very fucking aero dynamic. Making it not only a. dangerous but b, its very very hard to avoid. Another fact from it is, once it hits the target, it also is highly dangerous in another way, within the tiny gem like blade particles, basically it has a White hot explosive core, which is made of Hydrogen, which has a short and explosive half life . It also is the product of all his armor from his previous form and basically it condenses it into that high velocity blade. There’s another fact about it which makes it extremely dangerous.

Super Solid Trandescended state: Its outside shell is 6x as hard as auro’s blade edge, but the difference is it vibrates at fuck fast speeds. And when the blade is moving, from all this force, it basically has around a potentional force of 1million pounds with its kinetic energy. Though this energy is not forced out like blunt kicks, its focused along the stream of the long narrow blade edge; which not only is highly adaptable but it moves insainly fast in the air, allowing for it to have extreme potency. Not to mention though the super solid state, disrupts energy, because it retains the properties of the armor. Although its in a bladed edge. Condensed to a super hard point which could split a blood vessel in half, and slide right through. Not to mention the blade itself reflects light and can slice through objects extremely fast. It also forms a gem compound in the blood stream which is as hard as the blade.

As a super solid it has another thing known as all states.
All states: Any any given point the solid can turn into a expanded liquid particle, which would be a lot like plasma. And would be extremely hot, but it can also expand the core, and be like a white hot blade for a turn and will cause the ground it touches to explode and turn molten. This is just another fact of the energy it uses.

Upgraded core reactor: Due to the reactor In its previous form, that is upgraded throughout the skin. And the inside of the body. From this though the core reactor squeezes every last drop of energy, but also will double the power out put, easily.

the blades glow giving them away .


(Dynamic energy)

Dynamic Stage: Dynamic energy basically limits his powers into 10% criteria's. and by doing so, it channels the vast flow of energy to the maximum affect it can be. And over the years of life. Energy has been brought and honed to the maximum that is possible, and condensed. though this his energy has literally began to triple and become much much stronger then what it origionally was., Though Dynamic energy also has the affect of Weight gravity, and not to mention literally is able to force and warp existing energy's around it. As from the most part in being Dynamic the energy is concentrated to the form of being roughly the generated output of his normal energy but say multiplyed by 10 times the general amount. It is like in a sense his powers and a huge tuning fork put together to create something truely monsterous.

Dynamic energy Generation: For the base energy level, dynamic energy takes this and quickly generates by multiplying and increasing the total output of energy which is to be had. Basically what it does is instead of only generating from one source, it takes the sources max capacity and then duplicates the potentional roughly ten times. Meaning it is increased exponentionaly from the origional amount. Plus with dynamic energy ten seperate Not So much as faces but mouthes have formed on the body each one inside having a black expanse or a void of senses being this energy reacts physically with the laws of creation. A primordial soup if you will, it constantly is increasing to the point that each mouth has a small pocket dimension within them within which has a huge focused ball of rotating energy which is from a huge concentration of dynamic energy. The energy itself when generating causes the pocket to expand, and another thing all the force which generates that pocket, also will increase the energy's potentional not mostly only with the energy aspect, but it drastically increases the kinetic aspect as-well meaning that literally when the energy is released there is a gravity bending force of kinetic energy which counterbalances it.

With the pockets themselves though the gravity is strange, as it does not pull a person and crush them but thats the secret by ripping the energy apart and coliding it over and over, the constance of it creates or multiplies the energy within these pockets. and these pockets literally are whole pocket dimensions for retaining the keen amount and the strength of the energy. Which not to mention reacts violently with gravitational feilds and by uprooting the polarity, or the electro magnetic aspect tears the gravity in a 4 foot radius around him apart, to reflect the inner pocket dimensions which they are origionally made from. this energy as well from the pocket dimension has a kind of grey field aspect. they are extremely reactant but with the reactions taking place, it creates or generates tons of energy But dynamic energy is limited to replicating a max of 10 times his base energy, which is why he must trandescend each criteria by activating the pocket dimension and this will then constantly begin generating energy. each pocket dimension can overheat and after overheating it basically will just begin replicating and creating more and more energy. there is afew other aspects of the energy though which will be explained below.

Disruption: This energy disrupts the natural flow of natural and generic or other sources of energy, which makes is slightly harder taking maybe 2x the normal energy to preform spells. it does so by basically increasing or decreasing the over all richness of the particles of energy in the air, and by the dynamic energys basic structure which makes it not only throws the normal scales out of wack it also re distributes which changes levels of energy in the air. this generally can cause a slight source of disruption about the energy.

Kinetic force: The force of the attack is not only energy based, but the kinetic force which is pulled into the attack is just as great as the energy put into the attack. meaning if its extremely potent and decimates a 3 mile radius it would have aswell the kinetic energy which would be needed to decimate the 3 mile radius, meaning roughly the attack would be physically as strong in its shockwave as the origional attack was itself. which is why it is dangerous as it is potent which is why it is tricky as it is dangerous. but not to mention the dynamic kinetic force increases each aspect by replicating it with 5 different banshee mouthes which are hidden within the skin, it is also why the skin is heavily stitched up due to the normal mouthes and the kinetic banshee mouthes which are another form of it. this is the kinetic force side of dynamic energy which is the replicated form of the energy equivalence.

Kinetic Dynamic Flame banshee:

Kinetic energy potentional is harnessed as a Flame-Familiar attribute, and it is white hot, due to the kinetic energy being super heated by how densely compact it is. When the flames attack, the difference is it does not need to actually have air, as the attack depletes when the kinetic energy runs out, and the force of the attack equals the force of a existing or energy attack which has been used or created. so the flame itself can be put out by water but the kinetic energy continues through the attack itself. meaning even if the flames are stopped the kinetic energy's path continues till its used up. as well the kinetic force exerted always is just as much as the attack its being exerted on, no more and no less. This is why the energy itself is so useful and at the same time is extremely tricky. this energy itself shuts down when the Dynamic energy supplicants run out.

Kinetic Dynamic Water Banshee: This form is different instead of being a attack that is expended , the kinetic force is equal to the attacks fired over 3 turns, but its a accumalative and what it does is forms a blade or a spike around the users hand or foot. And in those three turns it can be used to attack bash and can be fired. but the energy stays within a 200foot area of auro within these three turns. So say he fired three cero rank attacks. the kinetic accumlative would be like 3 cero ranked attacks. and after three turns have passed it takes 2 turns before it can be used again. Though it can be used on an off a turn at a time, and in this way it can be used every other turn. though the accumlative value is drastically less as it only works for one turn. This Water as well can be used like a booster in speed of an attack, by firing the attack from the water, it can use the kinetic energy like a booster for a space shuttle and speed up the initial launch speed of a attack by 2x for a 200foot duration.

Kinetic Dynamic Lightning Banshee: This is one of the more interestic aspects, as its used alot like shunko when out. Instead of having a hardened outer core what it does instead is it layers the lightning kinetic energy so that it gets gradually stronger, and at the same time what it does instead is, apon impacting it pulls the attack in then discharges causing a vacume vs thrust affect which can damage hardened armors and can wreak havoc on weakened skin. This can be pulled off by a conductor but that conducting item will be subjected to the kinetic energys crushing force. At the same time the electricuting force will be increased and decreased depending on what is needed. the max wattage being roughly 12million volts.

Kinetic Dynamic Combat Banshee: This is arguably one of the more dangerous aspects ,being able to double and at the max triple the amount of force which is used within the base combat attack. Meaning it can stack and triple the amount of force within a attack. but thats the max of it. this as well forms a barrier of pure kinetic energy ontop of his skin and causes the demonic energy to be focused and augumented more. But at the same time it just increases the basic output of energy in contrast to the energy avaible which makes it pretty interesting in a fight. but in the opposite aspect it cannot be used in ranged attacks.

Kinetic Dynamic Tuner banshee: This basically Auguments and increases the output of power and energy by 100% by transphering the kinetic aspect onto an attack.

Banshee energy: Banshee energy increases the destructive power output by roughly 3x max. doing so by using the two huge mouthes on his back to generate support energy which can be used in many many different ways. In being support natured energy it basically is used by increasing the demonic sheild defenses and at the same time it expands the demonic barriers and pulls them to the skin while dispersing them into a 1 foot field around the body. By doing so, basically within the 1 foot field the detonations and defense are 4x stronger then what they are without B.E activated. Not to mention in this form Seismic and vibrations are warped and condensed. by using the 1 foot radius around his skin, as a accumlative for over all increase in absorption and containment it then will disperse vibrations within slashing attacks and uses it as little bullets. and this increases vibrations that are exuded from the body. which causes damage to the ground and can shatter tree's. Banshee energy not to mention, is stronger then his base energy but at the same time is used to not boost his healing or anything else as his regeneration is shit. It would take 50 threads to regenerate a finger. Also by doing this, what it does is by using the vibrations it increases the kinetic energy by confining half the vibrations to generate the kinetics. this energy though is Pushed outwards instead of like the Dynamic energy. and shatters objects which come into his reach or pulls them apart. As the Banshee energy generates a special sub support energy known as shatter.

Also the draw back for banshee energy is that he well basically has when i say shitty i MEAN UNCOMPREHENABLY SHITTY regeneration. Which is why hes very.. VERY.. annoyed when he gets cut. and for the most part, the energy itself cannot directly harm people due to banshee energy being a support energy. But it does as well double the thickness of his armor, and condenses it, therefor the skin is a supersolid, but at the same time it slows him down some. making his speed probably not as fast as it could be with this extra defense weighing him down and not to mention he can activate Defense Energy And Destroyers Energy with Shatter energy. but this drops his speed to basically shit aswell.

Defense energy: This energy increases defense exponentionally by fortifying and densitizing his armor to the point its like a mobile fortress. Which is why in this form he gains a pair of Wings, which are how he moves in the sky. but even then he moves way slower then most, and a lt could go faster then him when he is using this energy. But at the same time, it has its benifits because what it does is, increases the feild of energies around him, and literally causes his 2nd shell which forms to be roughly 100feet tall, but from this his huge arms and legs have a 10 layer thick and extremely potent barrier, and not to mention from this he gains insane defensive attributes by focusing his energy on defense and offense. This energy also makes it so when on the ground he moves literally only at 100mph tops. Making him extremely slow. but at the same time, in this form he really does not need to be fast, as all his other attributes besides his regeneration are pretty damned overwhelming.

Shatter Energy: This energy basically is a sub energy class of banshee energy, and works by in a 10 foot radius around him, it constantly is pulling at the bonds of energy attacks and most hard armor apart from the skin which is on him. by doing so it pulls apart or weakens attacks by roughly 15% before it actually hits him, and at the same time. because of shatter energy his barrier is weaker then most would actually be. By reducing the barrier by 2x it increases the thickness and durability of the skin by 40% above those of his tier. and by doing so it is able to increase his over all versitility to defense. but from doing this for the most part it does compromise his barrier slightly it increases the over all defensive capabilities which are within the body itself.

Weaknesses: Due to this HES EXTREMELY SLOW. plus He Has extremely slow regen, and takes several turns for blood to clot. the kinetic and dynamic energy overheats every 23 posts and needs a 5 post recharge. plus he has no shadow step.

Ascended Form: (Auro Zenzei 75%-90%)


Skill sheets: These increase and decrease within the sinners each grouping has a different skill sheet. so please follow as such .

Back Drop

[i]Background: poiler:
Light Novel specific spoilers about this character per volume/chapter.
Volume 04 : Shizuo and Tom were walking through a park to go to a bank to cash in some checks they had retrieved from their "clients" for the company they work for. Out of nowhere, Igor and Ruri (dressed as Hollywood) jump out and start fighting each other, catching Shizuo in the middle. Igor grabs the metal briefcase carrying the checks out of Shizuo's hands to use it as a weapon but ends up smashing it and it's contents into pieces. In a rage, Shizuo picks up a park bench and smashes Igor into a tree. Shizuo turns his attention to Ruri and smacks her so hard, she flies across the city only to land in front of Kasuka Heiwajima's car, Shizuo unknowingly (and violently) playing the role of cupid for the two of them.

Shizuo isn't seen again until the very end of the novel where a few members of Toromaru who escaped the battle against Igor and Ruri at the underpass are riding away. Feeling humiliated, they attack Shizuo in order to make themselves feel better only to scratch the sleeves of his shirt. In a rage, Shizuo sends the Toromaru members flying.

Later, he and Tom attend the hotpot party at Celty and Shinra's place along with most of the main cast (minus Izaya).

Volume 05 : At the start of the novel, Shizuo and Tom are having lunch at a cafe. They talk about the recent incident with Toromau and Celty and mentions how Rokujo Chikage, their leader, is out for revenge. Shizuo remembers Chikage from the previous night, having been challenged by him personally. Tom asks how the fight went and Shizuo explains that, while he won (as expected), it took four punches from Shizuo for Chikage to finally go down. Shizuo took Chikage to Shinra since he didn't want to just abandon Chikage in the street like that.

Shizuo spots Akane.
Tom also suggests that it's about time Shizuo got a girlfriend but Shizuo claims that there aren't any girls who would be interested in him. As if to spite him, Shizuo looked out the window to see a young girl with black hair staring at him with her face pressed against the glass. Shizuo goes out to see why the girl is staring at him only to get a stun gun to the stomach. After a few seconds Shizuo knocks the stun gun out of her hand, accidentally knocking the girl down in the process. Seeing that the situation is turning to their favor, Tom and Shizuo were forced to flee the scene to avoid getting the police involved. Much to Shizuo's dismay, the little girl is clinging to Shizuo's belt yelling for him to die. Not wanting to get their manager or Kasuka involved, Shizuo and Tom go to the only person they know who didn't matter if the cops showed up.

You can't see it, but there is a deep pit of pure rage right behind that smile.
At Shinra's apartment, Shinra is appalled that Shizuo would knowingly kidnap a little girl, who says that her name is Akane . After Akane collapses due to a fever, Shizuo and Tom listen to Shinra's ramblings for several minutes about Celty before the girl finally wakes up. As Shinra questions her, Akane mentions Izaya and his address which causes a storm of rage to erupt within Shizuo. Much to everyone's surprise, however, Shizuo smiles and laughs light-heartedly at the whole thing. He tells Akane that he and Izaya are friends and that Izaya was probably using her for another one of his pranks. Tom commends Shizuo's acting after they leave the apartment. Shizuo asks that if he gets arrested for murder tomorrow, Tom tell their boss to act like Shizuo was fired yesterday. Shizuo storms off to Izaya's apartment/office. Once he arrives, he sees a crudely written note saying that Izaya had moved with directions written on the back. Shizuo gets even angrier and runs off to the new building. When he opens the door, Shizuo notices something wrong. Within the dimly lit room, he sees three individuals in suits murdered in various ways. Their corpses seemed to suggest they were killed with bare hands much like how Shizuo would've done. Before Shizuo can leave, one of the members of the Awakusu sees him standing over the bodies and proceeds to run away and call his boss. Shizuo leaves the building immediately before he can come back.

Volume 06 : Shizuo is confronted by several members of the Awakusu over the deaths of their colleagues but, instead of fighting them, he runs away by climbing up the side of a building, displaying excellent skill at Parkour accumulated over years of chasing after Izaya. After Shizuo loses the Awakusu, he receives several messages from the Dollars website. He skims through them while thinking about how to clear his name when he sees several posts about Kyohei and Chikage fighting near Raira Academy. Shizuo reads through with more attention and notices a post by "Nakura" suggesting they kidnap Chikage's girlfriend to make him stop. Shizuo decides that he should try to rescue the girls who were being targeted and goes to Raira to intercept the kidnappers. When he arrives at Raira, he sees a motorbike parked up front and picks it up, intending to use it on the rogue dollars members. He also spots Mikado on the side of the road, recognizing him from the Hotpot party several months ago. He also remembered that Mikado was part of the dollars and tells him that he is quitting as of today. Shizuo states that it's because he didn't want to be a part of a group that was low enough to kidnap students.

Shizuo then moves on to deal with the kidnappers. By this time, the fight has escalated into a battle between the rogue Dollars members against Kyohei and his gang (plus Chikage). When Shizuo arrives, Anri and Vorona have also gotten caught in the crossfire. Shizuo asks whose motorbike he's carrying and Vorona answers that it's hers. Shizuo puts the bike down now that he knows who the owner is and proceeds to beat up the remaining kidnappers who haven't been incapacitated yet, sending each of them flying. Unable to contain herself any longer, Vorona throws her knife into Shizuo's chest which causes Shizuo to have a flashback to one of his and Izaya's chases. Shizuo then proceeds to chase Vorona all across Raira until Vorona gets in the back of her getaway truck. Shizuo catches up with her and spots Akane tied up in the very back of the cargo compartment. Before Shizuo can reach for her, Vorona attempts to shoot Shizuo with her rifle which forces him to retreat. As Shizuo watches Slon and Vorona drive away with Akane, he looks around for something he can use and spots an abandoned car off to the side. Shizuo kicks the car around like a soccer ball and knocks it towards Vorona who blows it away with her rifle. Shizuo uses the distraction to climb on top of a fence which he uses to leap on the the side of a nearby apartment building. Shizuo runs along the side of the building until he catches up with Vorona and Slon and jumps, bashing through the roof of the truck and landing between Akane and Vorona. Vorona, with regret, attempts to shoot Shizuo in the head but is stopped by Celty. A sudden jerk by Slon causes a crate full of combat knives to fall and Shizuo shields Akane with his body.

Once he made sure she was unhurt, Shizuo slams his fist into the floor of the truck, effectively breaking the cargo compartment in half. Shizuo takes Akane and leaps off the still moving truck while Celty's shadow moves to cushion their fall. Slon and Vorona retreat for the time being and Celty goes to make sure Shizuo is alright. Akane asks why Shizuo saved her despite the fact that she's trying to kill him. Shizuo simply replies that he's glad that she's safe and smiles. Akane smiles back at Shizuo warmly.

Volume 07 : After Vorona joins up with Shizuo and Tom's debt collection agency, she is assigned as Tom's second bodyguard. While they take a break in the hallway, Shizuo asks Vorona if he's seen her before (she was wearing a biker's helmet when they fought). Vorona asks that she refrain from answering until a later date as she doesn't know how Shizuo will react if he finds out she's the one who he fought with several weeks ago. Shizuo responds by pouring Vorona a cup of coffee and saying he's glad that he finally has someone who will call him sempai for a change.

Volume 08 : Kasuka arrives at Shizuo's apartment asking for his help. Shizuo is a bit surprised by the sudden visit and assumes it's because he and Ruri are getting married. Kasuka denies that and says that it's about Ruri's stalker. He tells Shizuo that he needs someone to take care of his cat and leaves it in Shizuo's care.

Later, Masaomi Kida returns to Ikebukuro and approaches Shizuo. Masaomi apologizes to Shizuo about him getting shot by the yellow scarves over a year ago saying that even though he didn't order it, he still has to take responsibility. Shizuo accepts Kida's apology but pokes him in the head (which is about as strong as a punch) for not addressing him with respect, knocking Kida out.

Volume 09 : Shizuo is asked about his relationship to Izaya by several delinquents who want to get back at Izaya for scamming their boss. Shizuo offers a bit of insight into his and Izaya's life in high school saying that he was never able to lay a finger on him. The only person who could ever catch up with Izaya was someone he referred to as "Shishizaki-sempai ." He also states that when he finally does kill Izaya, he'll make sure not to involve Tom, Vorona, or anyone else if he gets arrested for it.

Volume 10 : Shizuo is arrested under false charges according to Izaya's plan (as it turns out Izaya is not the only one who wants Shizuo out of the way for the upcoming event). Shizuo willingly leaves with the police since he believes the charge is a misunderstanding and it would eventually clear up. He is interrogated by two police officers and finds it odd that they are not interested in investigating the charges at all; instead, they spend the whole time purposedly trying to make him angry (even going as far as threatening to plant illegal drugs in Kasuka's house and arrest Kasuka). Shizuo is alarmed when he notices the officers have red eyes. The officers admit they are Saika's children ("a different mother though") and their mission is to create an excuse (ex. getting Shizuo to assault a police officer) so they can remove Shizuo from the streets of Ikebukuro. Upon realizing that he is dealing with Saika instead of regular human beings, Shizuo is ready to let his anger take over and just beat them up when Kinnosuke Kuzuhara kicks open the door. Kuzuhara was outside of the room and heard the officers threatening Shizuo. He warns the officers to better not try anything funny because Kuzuhara has "connections" within the police force and he will report their misconducts. After Kuzuhara leaves, Shizuo calms down and notes that his opponent this time is not Saika's children but his own temper. He resolves to control his anger and waits for his boss to bail him out the next day.

As of the end of Volume 10, Shizuo is still held in the police station.

Baccano!: At some point during the series, Shizuo came into contact with Nile, who was one of the original immortals in the Baccano series. The two of them got into a fight which ended in Shizuo's favor.

Kasuka Heiwajima
Main Article: Kasuka Heiwajima
As children, Shizuo was very close to Kasuka due to the fact that Kasuka was one of the few people that wasn't terrified of Shizuo's monstrous strength. Even after Kasuka went into showbiz, Kasuka still took the time to help his brother find a job he could keep. He gave Shizuo several bartender uniforms after Shizuo found a job that didn't constantly send him over the edge. Shizuo promised to keep the job he had but that was quickly ended when Izaya framed Shizuo for an as of yet unidentified crime. This event caused the two to grow rather distant. As shown in Volume 09, Shizuo seems to consider himself inferior to his brother as when Mairu called him a nice guy like Kasuka, Shizuo told her not to insult his brother by comparing him to Shizuo.

Likewise, Kasuka claims that his expressionless personality is primarily influenced by Shizuo. Due to the fact that Shizuo always lashed out the second he became even a little bit angry, Kasuka tried to balance it out by being the level headed one of the two. Kasuka even takes partial responsibility to Shizuo's rampages such as with Ruri Hijiribe when he found out that it was his brother who knocked her halfway across the city (not that he was surprised).

Izaya OriharaEdit
Main Article: Izaya Orihara
Since the second they met, Izaya and Shizuo have been locked in a never ending conflict with one another. Izaya would constantly manipulate events around Ikebukuro to put Shizuo in danger or to get him killed seemingly with no reason whatsoever. Likewise, Shizuo would constantly throw everything he (and everything he could grab) had at Izaya in the hopes of killing him once and for all. Shizuo constantly refers to Izaya as a flea and Izaya doesn't even consider Shizuo a human by his standards and is baffled whenever Shizuo actually shows a sign of maturity or intelligence such as when Shizuo decided not to fight the Awakusu since that would only solidify his guilt in their eyes.

It is worth noting that, although Shizuo frequently expresses a desire to kill Izaya, All of the fights they were in were started by Izaya provoking him. The only time Shizuo was the one to throw the first punch was when he suspected Izaya was responsible for hurting someone he cared about such as with the slasher attacking Celty or how Akane was tricked into attacking him. In volume 09, Shizuo also states that even though he wants to kill Izaya, he would be perfectly fine if Izaya simply stayed out of his life instead. This statement is further backed up by the fact that Shizuo knows exactly where Izaya's office is and the only reason he hasn't gone there himself is that it would cause problems for Shizuo's company if one of their employees was convicted for murder (Izaya would probably see it coming anyway). This also shows that Shizuo values the safety of his friends and family over his rivalry with Izaya.

Mairu and Kururi Orihara
Main Article: Mairu Orihara
Main Article: Kururi Orihara

Unlike their older brother, Shizuo is actually on friendly terms with the Orihara twins. This is most likely due to the mutual indifference they share towards Izaya. The twins even frequently cheer Shizuo on whenever they witness one of their trademark chase sequences.

Tom TanakaEdit
Main Article: Tom Tanaka
Shizuo and Tom have been friends since middle school. Ever since Tom witnessed Shizuo in action, he tried to get on his good side to avoid getting killed. It was Tom who suggested that Shizuo bleach his hair blonde so as to build up a reputation to keep the gangs away. After Shizuo got fired from his bartending job, Tom gave him a new one in the form of his bodyguard and the two have been partners ever since. Tom is also one of the few people that can calm Shizuo down after one of his rampages.

Akane AwakusuEdit
Main Article: Akane Awakusu
Due to Izaya, Akane wanted to kill Shizuo at first since she believed him to be an assassin after her father and grandfather. Shizuo was initially annoyed at Akane but the two grew closer after Shizuo saved her from Vorona and Slon. Because of this, Akane's feelings toward Shizuo are mixed. While she believes that Shizuo isn't after her family anymore, she still thinks he's an assassin and is too dangerous to be left unchecked (No one has told her otherwise or even knew she thought that in the first place.) With this in mind, Akane decides that the easiest solution is to become stronger than Shizuo is. She starts training at the same dojo as Mairu and Kururi.

Celty SturlusonEdit
Main Article: Celty Sturluson
Shizuo and Celty have remained on friendly terms for several years. They would often talk to each other about the problems they have and the events that surround them. Shizuo even went so far as to swear vengeance on the Slasher when Celty informed him of her attack.

Shinra KishitaniEdit
Main Article: Shinra Kishitani
In volume 05, Shizuo states that Shinra is a "Bad acquaintance that stuck." Shinra considers Shizuo a friend but the feeling isn't entirely mutual. Still, the two remain on mostly good terms with one another although Shizuo is sometimes annoyed at Shinra's ramblings.

Kyohei KadotaEdit
Main Article: 'Kyohei Kadota'
In volume 10, when Shizuo learns that Dotachin has been injured in a hit-and-run, he angrily yells that he won't forgive the bastard that hurt his old acquainance. Shinra describes Shizuo and Kyohei as two of the most influential members in Dollars, even after Shizuo has left Dollars. Be it an external threat or an internal conflict, Shizuo serves as a deterrent in terms of physical force (anyone who wants to start a fight in Ikebukuro will be neutralized by Shizuo) while Kyohei serves as a deterrent in terms of leadership (members tend to unite and follow Kyohei since he is a decisive and reliable leader).

last moments as a human can be found in this thread below


Sinner general skill sheet

Ferrum cutis: master
Umbra gradum: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Potentia furtum: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Obice: Grandmaster

Physical skill sheet:



Speed: shifter = Adept full demon = Beginner

Weapon skill: Master

Side Notes: [Anything you left out, put it here]
RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Rp with your character that you are applying for.]

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Aiight Just organize this better/ add the cooldowns at the bottom of each ability if there is one and read it through yourself to make sure everything is there. if you can dumb down a few things where the long words get to be alot

Gins gunna look over this as well and may add in more notes but when things that I've asked are finished


1 GM
2 Masters
Adept or begginner as you please (Be realistic)

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New sinner skills
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Auro is not immune to any of the effects of those shells-- especially the ones that blast missiles. so the acid one and all that would hurt him if it was to hit him somehow.

Each of these takes a GREAT amount of energy to achieve, so after using 6 different shells he can't use them anymore. He can use the same one over and over 10 times.

2 post cool-down on top of the cooldown you already have for each shell if you want to switch to a different shell, if you want to go back into the same one then its only the cooldown you provided.
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The Demon King Auro wip
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